How do you remake a game like Snake Eater without a director like Hideo Kojima?

Even in an era of excellent remakes, Konami faces a big challenge revisiting a game covered in the fingerprints of its former golden boy.

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Immagaiden9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

The same way how

- Capcom remade RE2-4 without Hideki Kamiya, Kazuhiro Aoyama, & Shinji Mikami
- Activision remade Crash Bandicoot 1-3 without Jason Rubin
- Nintendo remade Kirby Super Star without Masahiro Sakurai
- EA remade Dead Space without Michael Condrey & Bret Robbins
- Konami will remake Silent Hill 2 without Masashi Tsuboyama

FallenAngel19849d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Or how

- Square Enix remade FFIII & FFIV without Hironobu Sakaguchi
- Sony remade Shadow of the Colossus without Fumito Ueda
- Sega remade Sonic 1-3 & CD without Yuji Naka & the original directors
- Sony remade Demon’s Souls without Hidetaka Miyazaki

It’s not impossible to make a great remake without ther original director. It happens more than most people think

Konami has admittedly had a rocky history of Metal Gear without ang involvement from Kojima ,as was the case with Snake’s Revenge and Metal Gear Survive. However this time it’s a remake of an already great game and it’s being developed by an outsourced dedicated studios so there’s some hope.

I just don’t trust gem at all with any new Metal Gear

Flawlessmic9d ago

I take both your points and they are valid, but none of those games have those Kojima moments of brilliance to interpret.

MGS games are a different beast compared to anything listed above, if they remain almost fully faithful they will be fine, but id be cautious of changing to much.

I really hope konami smash it out of the park though, snake eater is my personal favorite of the series so im stoked those chose it to begin with, story wise it also makes sense to begin with snake eater

FallenAngel19849d ago

Each game I listed has its own creator’s level of brilliance in its DNA. Let’s not diminish their importance just to prop up Kojima.

Rebel_Scum9d ago

"Sega remade Sonic 1-3 & CD without Yuji Naka & the original directors"

When the heck were those remade?

Flawlessmic9d ago

Didn't say they weren't brillant but kojima could make a brillant game and then also add his little spark's of genius in between.

The codec being on the actual box in mgs 1, psycho mantis? The end and the different ways you can beat him?

I mean I really could go on about the genius things kojima added to his games that were out of the normal which is what I was trying to say.

The other people are great but mgs and its genius is quintesential kojima

FallenAngel19849d ago

@ Revel

Christian Whitehead remade those games on the Retro Engine

@ Flaw

And those other devs could do the same for their respective games in the Eid distinctive ways

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Cernunnos9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

> - Activision remade Crash Bandicoot 1-3 without Jason Rubin

And it did not really end up great... The jumping physics and the pill shaped hitbox for Crash really makes especially Crash 2 play a lot worse than in the original...

Crash 3 is plagued by terrible vehicle physics, and also affected by the same issues as Crash 2, but less significant.

CrimsonWing699d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Lol, I know right? Great response, btw.

Silver_ShadoWolf9d ago

To be fair, resident evil story kinda spun off from there.

Crash… what story?

Kirby. What story?

Dead Space 1’s story is incredible. Everyone agrees it’s the best in the series and went downhill after 2.

Silent hill remake? Story was already there.

They will NEVER be able to continue the story without Hideo, and they know that. So remakes are all they can do.

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masterfox9d ago

no doubt it was a great surprise, but you can definitely tell Kojima direction was missing by only seeing the design of the trailer.

Rebel_Scum9d ago

Yeah it was missing at least 3 "Directed by Hideo Kojima" credits.

il-JumperMT8d ago

if kojima was directing the trailer 100% snake would said kept you waiting huh?

10000% if david is doing voice again

-Foxtrot9d ago

I mean the game is already there, they just need to follow it and remake what's in front of them.

If they somehow manage to f*** up such an amazing game then they'll never truly recover.

Magatsuhi9d ago

I don't think it's that simple. Mgs3 was made with that camera in mind so now they have to change things around if they want to implement mgs5 type gameplay. I would prefer if it was more like mgs4 than 5 but who knows if Konami can even pull this off without kojima.

Chocoburger9d ago

By camera, you mean the aiming mechanics? The 3DS port had mordernized aiming ripped directly from Peace Walker. So yeah it'll work fine for this remake.

TheEnigma3139d ago

Follow the source material to a t.

jambola9d ago

Update gameplay
don't censor to appeal to oversensitive modern audiences
don't change any big story moments

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