Jim Ryan: PS Showcase Demonstrated Sony's Efforts to Offer 'Best and Most Varied Catalog of Games'

Says fans deserve "amazing content"

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SullysCigar8d ago

It was fine. Lots of awesome looking games. Most were exclusive. But some of those indies looked awful, to me, and there were some notable games omitted from the show. Couple of great shadow drops. 7/10

Anyone thinking that's all we get for the year is in for a surprise. Sony have loads in the tank, as we all know, for example Silent Hill 2 Remake and Factions 2 - enough for another showcase or a steady stream of State of Plays.

When you do your show first, you hold some ammo back, you don't fire all your guns at once. You do what you think is enough to win the battle, but you have your reserves poised and ready to go. Sony are pros at this and those peddling doom look kinda desperate to chalk up a misstep - understandable, given the circumstances.

Reddrover21u8d ago

The amount of people I seen on Twitter and Reddit who think this is all Sony has is bafflingly.

Sony has been saying for years they wanted to bring live service games to the platform while continuing to pump out epic single player experiences, but you have idiots who think every sinngle player game was cancelled for GAAS games.

Abear218d ago (Edited 8d ago )

MGS Delta and Spidey, two HUGE games for Sony and while one is not exclusive that bs only matters to keyboard warriors like us, Sony isn’t going to show the full hand and it was an hour no talking just games, not sure what people want or expect ?!

GhostScholar8d ago

Most were not exclusive at all. Spider-Man, phantom blade, and ff 16 were pretty much the only exclusives.

SullysCigar8d ago

^ GhostScholar, of the 33 games on the showcase, 21 of them were not on xbox, 12 were. Did you watch it?

derek8d ago

@Abear, I found the mgs3 trailer to be among the least interesting of the showcase. I pure cgi trailer does nothing for me at this point just like the concord trailer.

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RpgSama8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

If you count it based on the games at the presentation, it was good enough, quite a few nice games, if you were interested mostly in first party games by Sony, then yes, certainly a disappointment, even the few games they did show, only SM2 and Helldivers 2 included gameplay.

Sonic18818d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Sony is holding back their first party exclusives or they're not ready to be shown yet. Maybe their waiting for summer game fest or the Xbox showcase. Just speculation and a guess

Flawlessmic8d ago

Sony is definitely holding back, they got plenty in the chamber and are clearly waiting for something before unleashing.

Disappointing show because of that but people would be foolish to think Sony doesn't have a few nukes ready to drop when they want to drop them

goldwyncq8d ago

Perhaps they should've done the show when they were ready to show what their first party studios have been working on.

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meanmallard9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

And they delivered that.

They had games from every genre, AAA to indies, multiplayer and single-player, games that will be rated M, and games for all ages, big games developed in Japan and places around the world they even had some new hardware to show.

ApocalypseShadow9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Yes they did. This is the original invite from Sony's blog

Also posted on N4G 8 days ago

*The show will run a bit over an hour, focusing on PS5 and PS VR2 games in development from top studios from around the world. Expect a glimpse at several new creations from PlayStation Studios, as well as spellbinding games from our third-party partners and indie creators.*

Somehow, gamers read this:

The show will run a bit over an hour, focusing (primarily) on PS5 and PS VR2 (AAA) games in development from top (Sony) studios from around the world. (After 18 months of smaller presentations), Expect a glimpse at several new (Sony) creations from PlayStation Studios, (as well as.. well.. just us. Because who cares about 3rd party support that has been a tradition and backbone since PlayStation 1)

Multiple good games, multiple genres covered. Exactly what they wrote. Resulting in massive complaints from those that expected more than what was said. And we as gamers are supposed to be disappointed in all those good games displayed, VR and new streaming tech.

Flawlessmic9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

no we based it of previous showcases/e3 events where sony always delivered brillant looks at there first party games with some 3rd party sprinkled in.

A state of play wouldve saved sony and us all the fuss around the show. people know what to expect from state of plays and all things considered thats what this was.

You put showcase in the title and the expectations change, simple as that.

They should done 3 state of plays spread over 3 days, one for 3rd party, one for VR and one for spiderman, the rest wasn't even worth bothering with, minus hell divers 2 which looked pretty cool

ApocalypseShadow8d ago

No. You based it on what was in your head on what you wanted. Not what they said. If you comprehended what the blog clearly stated, you wouldn't be coming up with nonsense about past E3 events and Sony spending millions popping fireworks in your face. Dude, E3 is dead. Where you been?

Spider-Man 2 looked brilliant. Third party games like Alan Wake 2 and Creed looked brilliant. MGS 3 will most likely look and play brilliant over the PS2 version. Many indie games looked brilliant and creative. Artsy. RE4 VR looked brilliant and will blow away the Quest 2 version. The trailer to Arizona Sunshine 2 looked brilliant and will definitely surpass the first game that had its issues but was still fun and funny.

You already know Tekken 8, Silent Hill, Wolverine, FF, Firewall VR, Lo-fi, Runner, etc are coming. You know Sony brings the games EVERY GENERATION. But have this fake outage over a bunch of great looking games shown. Again, you are outraged over more great games shown adding to the ones you already know about. And neglected to read properly what they told you they were going to do.

Happens every presentation they have. Every time. Again and again. Gamers hyping themselves and expecting E3 GOW/Spider-Man/Detroit/ presentations every time. You want Sony to go all out leaving nothing for next time. Or not spend that money finishing games. But popping fireworks.

Sounds like you're spoiled/entitled and got first world problems.

mocaak8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Regardless of expectations, the show was just simply not good. As Flawless said, there was nothing shown which couldn't have been announced at multiple State of Plays. FF16 releases in a month, and we all know Spiderman is getting a dedicated State of Play in August-September. The rest was 3rd parties, indies, a terrible game by Haven studio, and a small teaser from another. Helldivers also isn't a large game enough and could have been announced elsewhere.

Hopefully they really are holding off till the MS/Activision stuff is done. And maybe we'll get another proper showcase near the end of the year. Because the past few years have been really boring conference-wise, with covid, e3 abondoning, etc.

repsahj8d ago

I 100% agree.

Honestly I expected a megaton announcement, I was a bit upset that it didn't happen but it never cross my mind to blame Sony. But this has changed due to the number of new great looking games that have been shown. I liked many of the new exclusive games like Phantom Blade, Helldivers 2, tower of Aghasba, and sword of the sea. Along with the great multis like Alan Wake 2, Dragon Dogma 2, MGS3 remake, and AC Mirage.

Flawlessmic8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Mehh keep capping bro.

Let Sony drop there standards to xbox levels.
Where the premier showcase turns into 3rd party and cgi trailers, such a great show, showing off what Sony's devs are working on lol sounds like some else's showcases aye not a Sony one.

I'm terms first party and exclusive content it wasnt a great show, everyone knows that except the blindest of fanboys.

Does it matter it was bad no, will Sony deliver some time soon, absolutely they always do, the games are coming Sony's just holding there cards close to there chest, I'm not actually concerned about anything lol

All of that doesn't change the fact the show was a disappointment by there usual high standards.

Dont get your knickers in a knot, playstation is still the boss, they just had a bad show but continue to Cap all you want though.

Lightning778d ago

"But have this fake outage over a bunch of great looking games shown."

When Kinda Funny guys are upset about the conference hell even have known PS fanboys through out social media and YT like MBG, Dreamcast guy upset that's saying something.

You're a VR guy it's good to see you excited for VR2 games but you can't astral Project your excitement for VR on to other ppl and expect everybody to be excited for it just because you are. Same with someone who loves Live Service it vastly depends on the audience and who you're talking to.

The main audience were hardcore PS fans wanting those AAA games that Sony always announces, and they were light on that this time around.

The outrage is far from fake though I disagree with that.

Crows908d ago

Yeah let's go ahead and be in straight up denial pretending nobody expected more. What was actually said isn't being disregarded. And no, nobody expected only PlayStation studios from being present and nothing else...that's just childish of you.

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isarai8d ago

Same, I was hyped for Dragons Dogma 2 and seeing next gen Max Payne but overall it was ok