Daemon X Machina: Titanic Scion, Rune Factory 6, New IPs, & More Announced by Marvelous

Today Marvelous Entertainment hosted its Game Showcase 2023, providing plenty of news about the upcoming lineup of titles for the Japanese developer.

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masterfox7d ago

well that was a waste of time.

masterfox7d ago

nothing didnt stand out, lift an eyebrow with the kinda neverending story look like flying dog, a fashion game, literally a fashion game lol, and a trailer of an arm of the only game I was interest it in lol. Yeah an effing waste of time. :D

phoenixwing7d ago

Sounds good to me. I liked the two rune factory games and rpgs looked promising. Will also buy the daemon x machina game

ZeekQuattro7d ago

Will also be picking up Daemons followup.

GoodGuy097d ago

That was awesome, fan of Marvelous so they showed much I was interested in.

phoenixwing7d ago

only two of the games i wasn't interested in. The fashion game and story of seasons.

shinoff21837d ago

Same. The fashion game is definitely not my type. Story of seasons I don't know much about but I don't think I'd like it based off of what I do

shinoff21837d ago

Is rune factory coming back to ps

shinoff21837d ago

Interested to see rpg is life from reading it sounds like it'll be something to keep am eye on

Magia could also be interesting.

Rune factory I haven't played one since I think the 3rd one on ps3. I got the 4th from ps plus. Seems interesting but I had to get back to shadowrun. I know the 5th rune factory is only switch for whatever reason hope this aren't

They really had me at rpg. Wish there was more info though on them. Lol. Still excited about a few of these more then marathon and some of the others from yesterday

Kneetos7d ago

Playstation owners would actually need buying the rune factory games for them to start bringing them over

Rune factory 4 special is on playstation and it didn't sell and no one bought oceans/tides of destiny (PS3&Wii)