Phantom Blade Zero Console Exclusive to PS5, Also Coming to PC

Phantom Blade Zero is a console exclusive to the PS5, though it's confirmed for PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

potatoseal14d ago

This game has shot right up to my most anticipated. It blew me away

excaliburps14d ago

Same. Easily the best part of the show for me.

Abracadabra13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Apparently the game might not be console exclusive...
They asked the dev...
"Question 6: Will it be time exclusive or release at the same time on other platforms?
For now we don’t have any exclusivity on any platform."

Cockney13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

@abracadabra apparently? i clicked the link, read the article and there's nothing new there, ps5 and pc = not platform exclusive, go on grab another straw it may be a winner this time

Nitrowolf214d ago

Yeah it looked like a really good mix of a lot of games. Felt like I was watching Metal Gear Rising and Ghost of Tshushima with some souls in there. Super stoked for this

outsider162414d ago

Same. That sword combat looks sick.

__SteakDeck__14d ago

@potatoseal Be careful. A lot of these games from China can be deceiving. Most either take years to release or they never release, and if they do release it’s nothing like what they originally showed.

crazyCoconuts14d ago

It's interesting you say that. When watching the trailer I remember thinking to myself the movement looks TOO choreographed for a game. The movements looked too good to be true. We'll see...

potatoseal14d ago

Oh God please be real and legit

boing113d ago

Impossible! Sony didn't show any games on the showcase.

/s (just in case, for people who actually think that)

Christopher13d ago

I liked it, but I worry that the many slashes were more flourish in style and not really tied to button presses at specific times. I'd love to see a demo walkthrough of the combat to allay my concerns.

potatoseal13d ago

The games like Black Myth: Wukong and this one coming out of China have yet to be proven trustworthy. I can't help but get my hopes up though. I'm hoping these flourishes are at least individually pressed by the trigger, very similar or exactly like Sekiro. I hope it's not a, *press button* and then character goes into a whole 3 second long animation of the move. I mean, if you've played it, Sekiro combat was just phenomenal and really felt good.

Obscure_Observer13d ago

@Christopher @potatoseal

"I liked it, but I worry that the many slashes were more flourish in style and not really tied to button presses at specific times."

Your concerns are legit and real!

"I hope it's not a, *press button* and then character goes into a whole 3 second long animation of the move."

Sorry to be the one to bring the disappoint news:

Those were automatic combos tied to a single press of a button. That´s because the game will feature developer´s own 10 years old mobile combat system "successfully" ported to console, which will allow gamers to perform incredible choreographed combos with a single press of a button.

Also, the camera angle we saw will not make it to the final game. It was some kind of E3 2005´s Motorstorm trailer all over again.

Another point of concern is that game has been development since 2017 till 2022 (when it enter full development process) by only 2-3 people.

All those infos were shared by the dev himself:

I wouldn´t hold my breath for this game to be a hit.

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Snookies1214d ago

Awesome to see it coming to PC as well, hopefully it's a great port!

phoenixwing14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

This looks good hopefully it plays well. Need a deep dive gameplay vid to be sure.

343_Guilty_Spark14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Next Xbox should be a PC. Problem solved.

Bathyj14d ago

Everyone says we need Microsoft just for the sake of competition but since they're not competing Id like to see steam box have another go. A ps5 and a console like a PC would be all anyone needs.

Shane Kim14d ago

Soon no PS either. Everything is coming to PC.

mkis00713d ago

shane that wont happen because sony would lose out on the goldmine known as the PlayStation store.

Hofstaderman14d ago

And receive poorly optimised ports three years down the line? Oh wait XBOX already waiting years for announced games…

343_Guilty_Spark13d ago

Idk have an optimized for Xbox PC badge?

badz14914d ago already is though, at least for me and I think many others too.

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