Konami Teases More Titles for Metal Gear Solid Master Collection

Konami has teased another volume or more titles coming for its upcoming Metal Gear Solid Master Collection.

potatoseal14d ago

Good news. No wonder it says "Volume 1". Nice

CrimsonWing6913d ago

Yea I’m kind of shocked how people didn’t put 2 and 2 together, but yep it’s cool we’re getting these.

umair_s5113d ago

Any word on how much they are charging?

Vengeance113814d ago

Peacewalker? Portable Ops? Metal Gear Ac!d?

Vengeance113813d ago

Highly unlikely. It hasn't left the PS3 in 15yrs. Doubtful it's only due to a lack of trying. Something is preventing it from being ported.

StoneyYoshi13d ago

I sure hope so! It wouldn't be much of a master collection if the final chapter of the story in the franchise was not included in one of the volumes.

Snookies1213d ago

@Vengeance1138 - Just look at Crisis Core. Everyone thought that was never going to get a port or re-release and it still did so many years later.

I_am_Batman13d ago

Peacewalker will probably be in volume 2 alongside MGS4. The thing that prevented MGS4 from being ported to modern platforms is the same thing that kept all the other game from being ported, Konami's disinterest in doing it. Now that they finally bring the franchise over it would he very strange to leave the great finale out.

With that said, the question mark seems to tease further content for volume 1. The PS Store page already mentioned MG1 and MG2 so it might refer to that. Or maybe it's some non-canon titles. Hopefully we get more info about it soon.

FallenAngel198414d ago

“The first volume of the Metal Gear Solid Collection, which consists of MGS, MGS 2, and MGS 3 comes out in Autumn 2023 for “the latest platforms,”

Hopefully the “latest platforms” include PS4.

excaliburps13d ago

PS4 isn't exactly "latest" but I hear ya.

CrimsonWing6913d ago

Are you going to upgrade consoles at some point?

FinalFantasyFanatic13d ago

I'll be grabbing it on PC instead, especially if PS4 doesn't get it.

FallenAngel198413d ago

@ exca

It is when many other games are concerned. It’s still la modem platform

@ Crim

At some point

just_looken12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I agree with yeah it would be nice if it was on ps4

But pc version may have mods to my knowledge mgs2 was the last mgs game on pc except PP.

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Stanjara13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Why are they not showing platforms? Latest platforms... hmmmm.

bRuud8313d ago

I have played all of them till Snake Eater. I have never played part 4 as I didn't own a PS3. Would be great if they finally release part 4 on other platforms.


Never finished 3, controls sucked, but I beat 4 like seven times.

Might be THE best action game ever.

15 years later, it still has done at least a dozen things I’ve still not seen another game imitate.

StoneyYoshi13d ago

You should try the subsistence release where they made camera changes adding 3rd person perspective rather than only having the original camera perspective. Player controls though always felt the same to me when comparing MGS2 and 3.

VersusDMC13d ago

The camera did suck in OG snake eater. I think it didn't have right stick camera control and i had to go into first person to see where the enemies were all the time. Subsistence is the only version i'll play now.

just_looken12d ago

I think that is a twin snakes situation

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