Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 PSN Store Page Now Live; Regional Versions Included

The PSN page for the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 reveals exactly which editions of the original titles are being ported. Regional versions of the titles will be available as separate downloads to account for copyright issues.

FallenAngel198410d ago

This is basically just like Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection on PS2, except now for modern platforms

It’d be ridiculous for this not to come to PS4 & XO though

potatoseal10d ago

Why do you think it's called "volume 1"? Do ou think that means some kind of 'volume 2' later on?

CrimsonWing6910d ago

Are you familiar with the Konami Collections they've put out for their previous franchises? Castlevania has 3 and they tend to group them by platform, so you have PS1 games in a collection, the NES - SNES, and GBA games. I know with Contra they threw all of them onto a single library.

My suspicion is we get Vol. 1 with NES games, PS1, and PS2 games. Vol.2, will be Peacewalker, MGS 4, and MGS V with a possibility to have Ghost Babel and maybe even the Ac!d games.

It would be so awesome if Konami released every Metal Gear game to be played on current-gen consoles.

VenomUK9d ago

@potatoseal You have an analytical mind - don’t waste that talent you’d do well getting into detective work.

sadraiden9d ago


I feel like Vol 2 is going to be a bait and switch. You'd think it would come with Peace Walker, 4, and V, but it's Konami. Vol 2 is gonna be Portable Ops, Acid 2, and Survive.

Gamerscore20779d ago

Maybe volume 2 will include MGS 4 & Revengeance.

potatoseal9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

@ VenomUK lol ok yes I walked into that one. Your sarcasm was justified lmao. Pretty obvious now. I actually was thinking 'before we knew' like maybe more metal gear solid games are coming. Like ports. I really would like to play them all. I actually only ever played 5 and i absolutely loved it. So I was hoping for a volume 2 of more metal gear games

ANIALATOR1366d ago

Volume 2 will more likely be Peacewalker, Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain.

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jznrpg10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Ridiculous? You want it ? buy a current gen console it’s been out for nearly 3 years

Stanjara9d ago

Jesus, what's wrong with having this on ps4... I would buy it, and many others and this is basically already made in some sort of PS emulator.

I'm also waiting for ps5 pro or slim.

P.S. it's not 3 years. Only this year we can get ps5 at retail for msrp.

darthv729d ago

There is the full collection on PS3 as well. You had MGS HD collection and MGS the legacy collection. All of which were HD remasters of the originals.

FallenAngel19849d ago

@ potato

Chill dude I’m just pointing out the deja vu

@ jz

I already have every Metal Gear game on PS3. I just want to earn trophies for MGS1, Sue me

@ darth

My PS3 is the ultimate Metal Gear system, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want my PS4 to follow suit

franwex9d ago

Same. My PS3 is my ultimate Metal Gear system too. I have MGS V on it too.

curtain_swoosh9d ago

i dunno if its ridiculous or not.

i think we are like 3 years in, and if you havent bought either xbox or ps5 yet, you are missing out. this is how it goes, and im glad we're focusing on current gen now.

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franwex10d ago

Is this why I cannot download my existing games? Would I have to rebuy them? :/

ravens529d ago

Ladies and Gentlemen an example of what having a digital library can do to you. 🧑🏾‍🏫

franwex9d ago

Oh please. I own them physically too, on their original systems-several times over, Substance, and Subsistance. I simply wanted to play them on PS5 and Xbox series X too.

Profchaos9d ago

I mean in this case if you have a fat PS3 that'll work but even with PS3 upscaling it won't look like these will e.g. likely blown up to at minimum 1080p

Chocoburger10d ago

I don't like hearing about these edits. Bluepoint already made the PS3 version worse with different voice acting for Colonel Campbell during some codec dialog, but now we get more downgrades?

Hope it's nothing too severe.

Chocoburger6d ago

Since MGS 2 was initially PS2 exclusive, Campbell's dialog to Raiden used PlayStation symbols to explain how to peform actions. He verbally said "Triangle button" "Circle Button" etc. But that won't apply for Xbox controllers, so when MGS 2:S got ported to Xbox, they had to change the dialog for Campbell, and they brought Paul Eiding back in to re-record, but it sounds completely off and not in sync with the other lines. I don't know if they brought him back in a third time for the HD collection or not.

His new lines feels very rushed and cheap, spliced in with the old dialog, and volume levels are different as well. So when the HD collection came out for PS3, they didn't use the original dialog (even though it would have worked perfectly fine), they used the later dialog. Sloppy, lazy implementation, that really takes me out of the experience.

ANIALATOR1364d ago

Ah ok. I didn't know that. I just watched a video saying the MGS2 HD collection version by Bluepoint was actually a port of the Xbox version and not the original PS2 version like it should have have been.

neutralgamer199210d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Are these just straight up ports of old games or is there any graphical improvements accessibility options control improvements?

Who are handling the development if there is any? Also, do we know who is working on the remake of MGS3

FungLip10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Just ports of old HD remasters for the PS3/360. Not sure how great they will look..

Vengeance113810d ago

Virtuos Studio is assisting Konami on MGS3 Remake.

DrDoomer10d ago

I'm just looking around like where the heck is MGS4 remaster?

potatoseal9d ago

Maybe on an upcoming volume 2 possibly?

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