PlayStation Needs a Second Showcase This Year

Following yesterday's disappointing showcase, Sony needs a second showcase later this year for its 1st party games and hardware.

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potatoseal11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Who wouldn't say no to another showcase? lol

Everyone would love another showcase. Hope we get one. But I wouldn't say "need".

Flawlessmic11d ago

Agreed, it would be nice but Sony don't need to.

But considering it wasn't much of a 1st party showcase, I would certainly appreciate a real Sony showcase with actual game play and dates.

Sony and Ms are relying way to much on gci trailers I hate it, does any one even get hyped about them?

I don't know why they even bother just don't show the game if you can't even show 30 seconds real time from a game.

Cgi trailers need to die

__SteakDeck__11d ago

@Flawlessmic I think the worst thing about that showcase was when they showed the Grand Turismo movie trailer. Lol A movie trailer has no place at a gaming showcase.

Flawlessmic11d ago


Bruhhh hands down worst moment, I was like are these mofos taking the piss, and that coming from a hugeeee GT fan, it had absolutely no place being in a game showcase and only rubbed me further the wrong way.

ravens5211d ago

Ye that trailer was so out of place. I also think foamstars shouldn't exist lol. 🤷🏾

jivah11d ago

I'm definitely a fan of CGI trailers. It help sets the mood and tone and atmosphere in a way. But it should definitely be paired with gameplay for sure. Without it, it is almost pointless. Almost to how Spiderman was shown off. CGI and gamplay mixed in together.

My problem was that Sony is sitting on some serious firepower and have just came out and said that statements need to be made but well.. where was that statement because this is not how you make one. Coming out and showing all your cards while you're opponent is down is how you make statements not displaying tons of multiplat indies. Maybe do that at another showcase dedicated towards that. But not your first showcase in almost 2 years that had all the hype behind it.

D0nkeyBoi10d ago

You asserted that Sony didn't "need" to do it, without explaining how it could even hurt. Virtually everyone is dissapointed by what they showed. If Sony ever thinks they're too good to care if fans are dissapointed, than they will lose their top spot. M.S. sucks and has no exclusives, but has money to keep buying 3rd parties and making them exclusive. Steam is killing it and has great controller support for a transition for console players. And you never know if Nintendo might wisen-up and make a strong next gen console. Nintendo used to think Sony wasn't a threat, but now look. Anything could happen. Google, Amazon, Apple, etc could poor a ton of cash into a console and sweep Sony. They seriously should consider a 2nd showing. The only way it could hurt, is if theh really can't provide anything worth showing--which is the impression people are getting now. Just remakes and sequels -_-, no 1st party exclusives.

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I_am_Batman11d ago

They can't just shadowdrop major 1st party releases, so unless their 1st party pipeline is in serious trouble I'd expect them to announce at least a couple more games this year. The 1st party roadmap looks pretty empty after Spider-Man 2.

purple10111d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It does look pretty empty. But if you count the years since most of their studios release a game you can work out pretty easily wave 2 of games, is just around the corner. Not only that.. these games are almost certainly ps5 only not crossgen so will be mins blowing. Sony always manages to maximise graphics and things as the gen goes on. Compare a ps2 or ps3 launch game to an end of generation game

The same will be true here.

I_am_Batman11d ago

@purple101: Well that's exactly my point. If those games are just around the corner, when are they planning to announce them if not at the Playstation showcase?

CS711d ago

The scary thing about this is that wolverine was given a cgi trailer while insomniac was fresh off of Ratchet AND Miles and had Spiderman 2 on the way.

If Wolverine can be announced the where is Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Bluepoint, Bend.

2023-2025 isn’t an unreasonable marketing cycle.

I_am_Batman10d ago

@D0nkeyboi: Because shadowdropping a full price AAA game would almost certainly result in a flop. Arguably some marketing campaigns go overboard, but having no marketing at all would obviously be a bad idea.

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Obscure_Observer11d ago

"Everyone would love another showcase. Hope we get one. But I wouldn't say "need"."

After Spider-Man 2 following into 2024 AND 2025, Playstation is a blank page as far first party games are concerned.

And you think gamers don´t need to know what is next for their PS5. Smh.

Goosejuice11d ago

isn't wolverine slated for 2024? anything beyond that idk though.

potatoseal11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Oh sorry, I actually mean to say I said "Sony" doesn't 'need'. Like flawlessmic said "Agreed, it would be nice but Sony don't need to."

Lol of course we gamers need more. We always need and want more, me included. As I said man, hope we get another one. You're right lol we gamers DO need to know more.

sparky7711d ago

Yeah for sure they need to show some games, so far 2024 has nothing noteworthy.

isarai11d ago

I mean there's Spider-Man 2, but yeah usually they drop like 3 or more major titles a year

VersusDMC11d ago

Forespoken and FFXVI count towards their 3. And any other 3rd party exclusives that come out before the end of the year.

isarai11d ago


I'm talking strictly 1st party

VersusDMC11d ago

Way of the Ronin and FF7REBIRTH are 2024 exclusives. This "only first party games count" nonsense is beyond braindead. Xbox's bethesda games are bought 3rd party exclusives as well...but kick the goal post as usual.

GoodGuy0911d ago

Doubt it. This year is very empty for both PS and Xbox. I'm sure they'll have plenty of state of plays and show off other games at other events like the game awards though.

Obscure_Observer11d ago

"Doubt it. This year is very empty for both PS and Xbox."

Only for PS.

By the end of this year Xbox will have 5 first party games released while Playstation will have only one.

isarai11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

It would be really depressing personally to go this whole year with no new major 1st party announcement. I was hoping we would see some at this State of Play but apparently not. But there's still Summer Games Fest, TGS, VGAs, and Gamescom

KingofGambling11d ago

Playstation Experience 2023 in Anaheim Convention.

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