Ignore the social media complainers, the PlayStation Showcase 2023 was fantastic

Rory writes "After an 18-month absence, PlayStation Showcase returned yesterday (May 24), and I spent the entire hour-long presentation in a giddy haze of PS5 gaming goodness."

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Terry_B14d ago

Won't call it fantastic..but the single player games look superb. Still sucks MK 1 was not shown here and Tekken 8 did not get a new trailer and a releasedate.

SullysCigar14d ago

There are so many games (that we know are coming) that were not shown, but that makes me happier with the showcase, to be honest. It was a solid showing, if not quite great. That said, I'd have liked to see Factions 2 and Silent Hill 2. I also fully expected Half Life Alyx - I still do, but I thought this was where they'd show it.

If they showed EVERY game we know is coming AND all these new announcements, the show would probably still be on lol - they have to leave some for next time...

As someone who is currently smitten with PSVR2, I was very pleased with what was shown in that regard. We got Beat Saber (free upgrade) and Cosmodread shadow drops, for starters! Lots of folk missed that Five Nights at Freddy's is a PSVR2 game. Arizona Sunshine 2 is a sequel to one of the biggest ever VR games (from a veteran VR developer, too), so that was big news. Same goes for Synapse, although that's more a spiritual sequel for Fracked.

As for Resident Evil 4 Remake... somehow it just upped it's chances in the GOTY race with the PSVR2 gameplay reveal.

curtain_swoosh14d ago

also, people forget that we still have summergames, gamescom, tokyo game show and the game awards for new trailers haha

VenomUK14d ago

The showcase did not make me feel 'fantastic'.

D4RC14d ago

HL:Alyx is a pipe dream.

Obscure_Observer14d ago

"If they showed EVERY game we know is coming AND all these new announcements, the show would probably still be on lol - they have to leave some for next time..."

What a delusional bs! Just take you L and move on.

SullysCigar13d ago

^ Some of us didn't see it as a loss, @Obscure, but then we don't all have your vast experience in that field...

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TripleAAARating14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

I get that after 18 months we were hoping for more from Sony and it's first party with this showcase, yes it was a bit disappointing, but the manufactured "outrage" online is stupid. Some of the projects in the pipeline:

Naughty Dog: Factions 2/New project
Bend Studio: New IP
BluePoint: New Project
Insomniac Second team: Wolverine
Quantic Dream: Star Wars Eclipse
Sony Santa Monica: New Project
Sucker Punch: (likely GOT 2)
Kojima Pro: DS2
Housemarque: New Project
Guerrilla: Horizon Multiplayer
FireWalk Studios: Multiplayer Project

(help me if I'm missing some) Just off the top of my head...All likely AAA blockbuster exclusives coming. Can we say the same for the competition?.... Yes the showcase was a little disappointing BECAUSE we know what Sony has in store, maybe they could have showed at least one more exclusive from this list, but the showcase wasn't disaster like some of us are pointing it out to be. There are many shows at a later date within the year for Sony to showcase more.

porkChop14d ago

Quantic Dreams doesn't work with PlayStation anymore, and Firewalk announced their game yesterday. Concord. It's a live service game.

I_am_Batman14d ago

You shouldn't have to remind people of upcoming games with lists like the one you posted one day after a Playstation showcase. Nobody knows what's going on behind the curtain. We count on those games coming along, but a showcase like this doesn't exactly inspire confidence that everything is going according to plan.

DarXyde14d ago

"Fantastic" is definitely too strong of a word. It was pretty frustrating that, after an hour, we hardly saw anything from the house of PlayStation, yet it was called the PlayStation Showcase. Just seemed inappropriate. This was better suited to be an extended State of Play. The inclusion of a movie trailer and hardly any gameplay was pretty frustrating. At the very least, Spiderman 2 gameplay looks phenomenal.

That said, it did show some cool looking games (hopefully not too many are GaaS—I suspect we saw a decent number that were) . Yes, I liked the indies. No, I don't care about their exclusivity status. Looks to me like there's a pretty decent selection for my PS5, so I'm not complaining. I live in moments anyway, so even this much might be a bit of a tall order if I commit to playing every game I'm interested in.

I reckon the disappointment is from people who set their expectations pretty high. Considering Sony's got some pretty good first party studios that didn't show anything, they've likely got a lot in the oven. I'm guessing they're not in a state to show anything right now (or held them back for a bigger showing). Or.... They're getting very comfortable. Hoping the Xbox show outclasses the PlayStation showcase. Inspire a little fear, y'know.

Sonic188114d ago

Insomniac is carrying Playstation. Without them Sony would be in trouble

neutralgamer199214d ago

Honestly, speaking, this generation has been such a disappointment first, it was the pandemic and the shortages, and now we have yet to get steady stream of excellent AAA blockbusters from any publisher

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge PlayStation fan. But there is no way the word fantastic and that show yesterday go together.

Positives were the fact Sony still showed they care about single player story driven games


Too many trailers without any gameplay
Simply showing logos of projects without any info

And maybe it’s just me, but the portion of gameplay they showed for Spider-Man two looked just good not great

This just isn’t for Sony IMO anyone who is doing a gaming show should reveal more information. I would have been happy to wait till November if that meant more gameplay

Jim Ryan got a steady train and kept it going but I feel in the long run he is damaging the brand and next generation we may see gamers switch to Xbox because Microsoft may buy more publishers and their games would come to GP day one

I bought PlayStation five and Xbox series X yet I sold back my PlayStation five and kept the series X. I love RPG’s, and Microsoft have made some great acquisitions studios with great pedigree for RPG’s and that’s one thing that’s lacking in Sony’s catalog.

But so far Microsoft has not delivered anything in my decision to keep Xbox or PlayStation has been very bad and the only reason I’m not buying a PlayStation five is because rumor has it. There will be a PlayStation five pro next year. And for those of you who will say there may not be a PlayStation five pro just keep in mind that the same rumor also said Sony were working on air buds, and a Nintendo switch lite portable portion so if those things are true, I am to believe that we will see a pro version next year

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sparky7714d ago

The fact this article exists says otherwise. It was a great showcase if you don't care for Playstation 1st party games.

onisama14d ago

Honestly i disliked the forumla so much and i expected copying E3 engagement, i hope xbox showcase will have humans communicating and good formula so i dont miss E3

EvertonFC14d ago

You don't like the formula of game after game with ONLY 60 seconds of talking WoW, each to there own.

Crows9014d ago

That's true if you don't care about the first party and you don't care about those things then this was a perfectly fine show. However most people tune into the showcases to see what PlayStation studios have in store for you. In that regard it's been very lacking. Spider-Man 2 looks fine and I did enjoy the helldivers 2 announcement. It was a horrible showcase in PlayStation studio standards. Xbox has a great opportunity to really wow gamers this year. I hope they don't drop the ball

EvertonFC14d ago

The problem was gamers expecting 10 AAA 1st party games and that was never gonna happen.
I said to my m8 before the showcase, I can guarantee gamers are not gonna be happy after this.
It was exactly what I expected apart from it was missing "silent Hill" and "tlou factions"
Solid 7.5 imo.

SullysCigar14d ago

I can agree with that. Just makes the next showcase even more exciting though, right?! All those Sony studios yet to show their hand, on top of all those awesome games they just showed in the showcase.

We gamers are eating GOOD right now!

EvertonFC14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

I think gamers today just moan for the sake of moaning fella.
I don't even know WHY half the gamers on here are even gamers tbh.

EvertonFC14d ago

The 1st party games which were not shown doesn't magically make the game disappear, there still coming.
As someone above said, you have to leave some games for next showcase, or summer gamefest etc.
The gamers who are moaning points one thing out to me and thats they need to get a life outside of gaming.
More to life than just gaming and waiting for 10/10 showcases cause at the end of the day since the beginning of showcases most are 90% 3rd party, indie games.
So not sure WHY gamers thought this showcase was gonna have 10 AAA 1st party games as that was never gonna happen pmsl.

JackBNimble14d ago

You are the ultimate Sony defender

jambola14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

No the fact that this article exists means that people had complaints
And your comment about only liking it if you don't care is unbelievably stupid
That's like saying if you liked this you don't care about call of duty

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Flawlessmic14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

More like 3rd party's games that can be played anywhere goodness.

After a yr and half of waiting to get glimpse of what's coming from Sony, I'm still non the wiser, there should've been atleast 1 other 1st party big reveal in that show.

Insomniac are wizards though, best devs in the game atm and they are absolutely carrying Sony on there backs right now.

Atleast spiderman looked great and ff16 is an instant buy and has been for the longest time

__SteakDeck__14d ago

MS also had an event like this last year. The only big first party games that they showed were Redfall, Forza and Starfield. Everything else was 3rd party. The “everything you see at this show, will be played in the next 12 months” was a lie.

Flawlessmic14d ago

And I heavily destroyed Ms for for last yr.

And I mean heavily, all yr I stated my xsx was $750 dust collector and was probs one of the worst yrs by major platform holder I have ever seen or experienced.

But this is about Sony, who have always been my main platform since ps1 and who I hold in the highest regard. This was a slip up no doubt about it, it won't effect much obvs but that doesn't change my disappointment in the show.

People's criticism around the show are more than valid and Sony needs to cop this one on the chin

__SteakDeck__14d ago

@Flawlessmic I also gave Sony a pass for not having a showcase last year. Better to not show anything than to waste our time. They could of honestly just called this a State of Play to quell expectations.

potatoseal14d ago

"After a yr and half of waiting to get glimpse"

Well yes, but these games still exist. They just won't show them to use yet lol aaahhhhh !!!

Oh well. I'm still damned excited for the 3rd party ones that are coming this year. Helldivers 2.. hell yeah. Alan Wake 2. Lots of others

Flawlessmic14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Had no issues with Sony skipping last yr and would've had no issues if they skipped the showcase this year if they didn't have anything worth showing which let's face it they didn't.

But they chose to hold hold a playstation showcase rather than state of plays, god fordbid I expect them to deliver on that promise like they normally do.

I have no doubts about what's coming or the high quality bar Sony will set yet again.

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dumahim14d ago

Agreed. Just one new announcement would have satisfied me. Hell, even a trailer for Wolverine, Factions, FF7, DS2 would have moved the needle a bit.

jambola14d ago

It's still coming to Sony
So you are the wiser
You might not act like it at all though

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potatoseal14d ago

I agree. The games shown were absolutely amazing. The only place Sony messed up is keeping their cards close to their chest still and not showing their hand.

The 1st party games still exist, they haven't gone anywhere. It's just Sony won't show us grrrrr. Their hand is strong. They are dominating for a reason. But notice how everything shown is actually releasing this year or next.? That actually surprised me. More great games are coming THIS YEAR.

For example, YongYea rated the showcase after he saw it a 9.5/10. When you judge the showcase just on games alone, it was exptremely highly rated. But if you were to judge on "exclusives" then it was lacking a bit.

I assume going forward Sony will never show games that are multiple years out anymore.

__SteakDeck__14d ago

I’m surprised YongYea gave it that high of a score, he’s usually a tough grader. Yoshida said a couple of years ago, that Sony learned from showing games too early.

potatoseal14d ago

Yeah I remember him saying that. At least every showcase or big event we'll probably be getting something new everytime.

14d ago
Northpoint13d ago

Most likely because he's a huge fan of MGS. Without it, he probably would have lowered the score to 7.5.

ken281314d ago

Dear Sony, Nobody waited 2 yrs to see Kitty Quest!

EvertonFC14d ago

Was this you're 1st showcase ?

ken281314d ago

No! They didn’t have a showcase in 2 yrs and they gave me Cat Quest 2.

blackblades14d ago

Cat quest pretty good, you people forgot what games are. A lot of people find smaller gamers funner then big games. Also there was people excited for cat quest, looks good I'll be picking it up and going back to the last 2 games.

jambola14d ago

Ok so here's the thing
It was an hour long and more than one game was shown
I guess you watched one trailer and thought that was all

jznrpg13d ago

You didn’t see other games?

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ken28137d ago

I seen the whole showcase. Where are the first party games? Idk for showcase filler games like cat quest or the GT trailer. They could have released that trailer on a Tuesday.

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ravens5214d ago

Concord, Phantom Blade, Ff16, Spider-Man 2, Hell Divers 2, Fairgame$, Towers of aghasba.

7 (5 New*) Exclusives from Sony. How many will Xbox show?

Terry_B14d ago ShowReplies(1)
anast14d ago

Exclusives don't count. Innovation doesn't count. The only thing that counts is a rushed trailer for a game that will release in the next decade...I wouldn't worry too much about it, people are seriously stupid.

Othegamer514d ago

concord and fairgame are literally rushed trailers are you dumb.

meanmallard14d ago

Why does everyone keep leaving out Gran Blue Fantasy: Relink?

It's a huge budget JRPG, they are super rare, and it's also PlayStation exclusive and coming out later this year.

Tower of Fantasy is also big-budget.

Sony showed 33 games and 21 are not going to xbox. It weird how people are acting like these are the only games coming to playstation too, we contantly see games announced on this site that are on PlayStation and/or Swoitch that aren't coming to xbox.

SullysCigar14d ago

Wowsers, 21 of them not on Xbox - that puts all this outrage into perspective. And this before we see Silent Hill 2, Factions 2, Wolverine and any of the announcements coming from the first party studios that have kept their heads down for so long.

It really feels like the feast after the fast on PlayStation right now!

shinoff218314d ago

Blazblue was my favorite one shown. Can't wait for that.

GoodGuy0914d ago

Thing is, it was announced so long ago and in development for so friggin long with still no real release date and just a window...yea, my hype for it has gone way down. I am still interested, it's just that the wait has been way too long.

FinalFantasyFanatic14d ago

I'm looking forward to ReLink, I'm surprised no one has mentioned it either, but then again, I keep forgetting it exists, feels like it's been in development forever at this point.

14d ago
meanmallard14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

GoodGuy09, I get that to some degree, but keep in mind they added a full PS5 version of the game since the original release.

The game is going to be super high quality and effort, I am quite positive that in this case, the delay will have lead to a much larger project.

And keep in mind the game also has 4 player co-op and is made by Ctygames so you know the combat and gameplay is going to be top-notch..

Watch the 4k trailer it looks great!

blackblades14d ago

Tower of fantasy isnt a big budget, well its a big budge mobile game. I played it on phone but it turn my phone to a radiation heater so I had to drop it.

jznrpg13d ago

Yeah I’m hyped for that ! I have been waiting for years to see it and finally it’s coming. Hopefully new anime is coming too.

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mocaak14d ago

Who cares what and how many Xbox will show. This was Son'ys first showcase in 18 months, and all they showed is 3rd parties and filler garbage. FF16 and Spiderman 2 are not new announcements. Fairgame looks like complete trash. Concord we know nothing of yet. Towers didn't look great and is just a 3rd party Indie. Helldivers 2 was cool. And Phantom Blade was the highlight of the show, but we don't even know if it's an exclusive or not.

crazyCoconuts14d ago

This is a good list - a good reminder that there's good stuff coming...
SM2, FF16, HellDivers2 happening this year - it's a good short term look

shinoff218314d ago

While I have my issue with ff16 I have no doubt people will love it, Spiderman 2 looks dope but the rest are either whack imo or online games.

Christopher14d ago

Why make this about Xbox? Why not praise what you like about the show and that's the end of it?

ravens5214d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Xbox and Playstation will always be mentioned in the same breath no matter what. Theyre competitors. I didn't say anything bad about Xbox, just curious how many exclusives they'll show. They may show more, they may show less. Was more of a rhetorical question.

ravens5214d ago

Gran Blue Fantasy: Relink* as well. My bad

14d ago
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