PlayStation just handed Xbox a lifeline - now they need to take it

Following a decent but unspectacular PlayStation Showcase, Xbox have the chance to capitalise with something special of their own

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lucian2298d ago

Xbox has done even worse for the last 15 years lmao

Crows908d ago

What Xbox has done in the last decade or more is already well established and known. What they do moving forward is not yet known. They have an opportunity to blow gamers away with their showcase especially with the poor showing from PlayStation.

CrimsonWing697d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Somebody in another story said it best, "This is what things look like when you don't have competition."

I'm hoping Xbox does take advantage of this. It's when we start getting some strong competition going that we start seeing a lot more better releases and the consumer wins.

To be frank, this Sony presentation reminded me so much of an Xbox one. I was honestly floored by the amount of indie games shown. I'm at a point where when you do a showcase like this, just do a separate one for indies. Focus on AAA and AA because without that Spider-Man demo this showcase would've been one of the dullest I've sat through.

I'll be amazed if Xbox does worse... like amazed, but here's hoping they use this and bring something that's more like an M-80 going off instead of a sparkler.

fr0sty7d ago

Considering they are saying they won't ever be out of third place and that good games don't sell consoles, don't get too excited. Their attitude doesn't support innovation and a drive to push forward.

badz1497d ago

"I'm hoping Xbox does take advantage of this."

with WHAT? we know they only have Starfield and Forza 8 left for this year, and then the same story as Sony, wait for next year. are you hoping for them to just pull something out of a magic hat because Sony's show was a little underwhelming for some? that's not how game development works!

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ravens528d ago

They have a chance to look better. Not much else. If they have a great showcase that'll be dope, but they aren't going to start selling as much as Sony that quick. Their showcase can help them out in the years to come if it's great. Sony showcase was mid, but again it's not gonna effect them. As the year goes on and we get Ff16 and Spider-Man, new 1st party games will be announced. Not to mention the ones we know about that just weren't shown this time around. I'll be watching Summer Game Fest and Xboxs showcase. Convince me to get an Xbox Microsoft.

Gamerscore20778d ago

Yea per usual the internet is jumping the gun. Once FF 16 (which less than a month away now) & spiderman is release, this average showcase will be forgotten.

Crows908d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Internet is not jumping the gun we're just not being hypocritical. Nobody is claiming that PlayStation will stop selling or that Xbox is going to start selling a lot. That's irrelevant from the subject. Even if Microsoft does an incredible showcase it's not going to make them sell more than PlayStation. That is already known. It doesn't stop their games from Shining and giving them an opportunity to impress

JackBNimble8d ago

Not everyone wants button mashers like spiderman

wiz71917d ago

Except FF16 isn’t a first party games , it’s coming from a deal .. same thing Sony fans bitch about MS for the irony

Gamerscore20777d ago


I never said FF 16 was an exclusive though. It’s exclusively coming to the PS5 this year, but after that, I honestly believe it’s going to release on the PC.

I’m failing to see the point you’re trying to make?

wiz71917d ago

@gamerscore no I’m not but your missing mines … it’s a 3rd party company making this game not a Sony developer , these 3rd party deals Sony only fans be mocking MS for doing is what I’m saying and tell me I’m lying. It’s ironic those most of PS5 exclusives been coming from third party devs. Which idc about really if a dev choose to dev for only console or a publishers funds a project then keep it on their console if their choose. But to complain about one company making certain moves then praise your console of choose for the same moves it’s ironic asf to me. Like I always mention I have all 3 consoles so I’ll be playing everything , but it’s the fanboys that be confused asf.

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Flawlessmic8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

Considering Ms has been building up to a good show for atleast the last 13 yrs, it would be about dam time.

Wish Sony could've kept the the battle of the showcases interesting though, all Ms has to do is finally show off a handful of 1st party's game they announced what seems like the moment they got greenlit lol

But yea if Ms can't take advantage and have a better showcase than what Sony gave then there is literally no hope left for them.

ravens528d ago

Concord, Phantom Blade, Ff16, Spider-Man 2, Hell Divers 2, Fairgame$, Towers of aghasba.

7 (5 New*) Exclusives from Sony. How many will Xbox show?

I_am_Batman8d ago

Who knows. Betting on Microsoft at the moment is like betting on a three-legged horse, but that's not a very high bar to clear.

anast8d ago

Xbox isn't even playing anymore. They took their ball and went home. It's just Sony and Nintendo now.

King_Noctis7d ago

So what about their showcase next month?

anast7d ago

It will be below average because they are giving up.

badz1497d ago

yeah? what do Nintendo have for the rest of the year or even next year?

anast7d ago

Nintendo can reskin Mario and Zelda forever and still do better than the competition.

King_Noctis7d ago

If they are giving up then shouldn’t that mean that they don’t have to show any more games or any more showcase? What is the point of doing anything if they are giving up?