Even PS fans have begun making smarmy Project Q mock-ups

People have begun making PlayStation Project Q mock-ups already, and they're pretty hilarious.

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Leeroyw121d ago

I need more info but this seems like a misstep from PlayStation. I was hoping for a dedicated console with internal power. Not a streaming device.

DarXyde121d ago

Yeah, I don't know who this is for. The gamer that's forced to share their TV with someone else? The gamer without a TV? Very bizarre and it seems like a waste of effort. No way this thing gains traction, and unfortunately, I feel that it detracts from the value of PSVR2.

If the general perception is that Sony is just throwing out gimmicky devices like this to get your money, I would say that works against PSVR2, which is truly an excellent piece of hardware.

I've always felt that PlayStation has been the premium console gaming experience, but that's a conclusion people draw on their own. Now it feels like they're intentionally leaning into it and it comes across as a bit elitist. Like Apple and their $20-$30 microfiber cloths. 😮‍💨

Tapani121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I have a family and we share TVs and stuff. Everyone in the household mostly plays handhelds at home, not on train, on airplane or whatever, but at home. This is a great device to access PS5 library in a cheap way with a very sharp screen while others are using the TVs. I'm the target audience and think this is better than 3x the price handheld.

kayoss121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I actually remote play a lot due traveling for work. I have attachments currently, one that uses the actual PS5 control with your phone attached to the top, and the other is the backbone. Both are good. But they each have their own flaws.
The attachment to the PS5 controller kind of put all the weight of the phone on top and it gets pretty tiring at times. The Backbone is good but the feel of the controller dont feel natural.

I be getting one of these to see if its worth while. I hope we can use it for other things other than PS5 remote play.

crazyCoconuts121d ago

You mean like a Vita2? No way they're doing that again anytime soon. They have been telling us another Vita isn't in the cards for years now.

I_am_Batman121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

They already have to split their resources between PS5 and PSVR2. Judging from the weak 1st party presence at the showcase, I don't think adding another platform is a good idea at the moment. It'll just dilute the games output. Not to mention that the handheld market is much more competetive these days.

Babadook7120d ago

"I need more info but this seems like a misstep from PlayStation"

Not to me. This is very much what I was expecting and hoping for, based on the leaks. It's probably a low risk endeavor that could fill a void, (unlike a held-held that needs dedicated hardware, lots of developer support, and might very well fail) and of course if it's cheap enough, this could benefit gamers and Sony.

DigitallyAfflicted120d ago

Well if the price is reasonable and it has vita chip in it and plays vita and psp games that would be something worth having...

FinalFantasyFanatic120d ago

I don't really understand this either, there's plenty of other devices that could stream PS5 games, why not just focus on improving that? Making a dedicated streaming device is just bizarre for Playstation.

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MIDGETonSTILTS17121d ago

I’m okay with this…. Why would you want dedicated hardware when you are meant to stream the hardware output from your ps5 on the same wifi?

This is meant to allow you to play ps5 in bed or in your backyard, not on the bus.

That might not be enough for some, but it is exactly what I would’ve hoped for, personally.

Profchaos121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

Because most people will not have a good experience with remote streaming even on their internal home network.

Personally ive got 3 WiFi 6 routers and all my house is cabled in cat6 so my however that setup cost me around $1000 AUD and took a few days to install on weekends and is not typical however remote play to my mobile devices works like a dream it's flawless.

The average home has a singular wifi router most likely their internet company provided it and it's probably running outdated WiFi tech wherever the internet comes in and they serve all their devices off of that one modem that user will have a horrible experience if any at all.and if your someone who lives in a double brick house forget about it you will need to sit in the same room as your gear so you may as well play on the tv.

Having WiFi isn't the barrier to entry it's having enthusiast level network hardware and configuration.

ravens52121d ago

Indeed. I remote play on my laptop and it is not by any means flawless. I'm not gonna buy this if it's no better than just playing on my laptop.

KeeseToast121d ago

I was hoping they would use some kind of mmWave technology to allow uncompressed streaming. Remote Play has always been pretty blurry to me with lots of artifacting, even when you are on Wifi 6.
I'm still mildly hopeful that they figured out a way to stream/decompress with perfect quality, but I'll definitely wait for reviews on this device.

FinalFantasyFanatic120d ago

For streaming games, I'd rather just run a dedicated lan cable between devices, remote play has never worked well for me over Wifi, but some of my devices are older and can't make fun use of my WiFi 6 router.

gold_drake121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

it doesnt do it for me personally. i turn on my tv and play. and if i need to sleep, ill go in my bed and sleep lol.

cant even take it to the bathroom cause it will take to long to turn the darn thing on and set it all up haha.
streaming only is not a great choice

Profchaos120d ago

Who honestly wants to sit and game on a dedicated handheld when taking a dump it just seems like a hassle everyone raved about having that abailty with the switch but If I went to my mates house and he hands me the same joycon he uses to play and take a dump with I'm out

crazyCoconuts121d ago

Did they say "same wi-fi"? I don't think so - just wi-fi. Remote play already works on DIFFERENT wi-fis so you can access, well, remotely. No guarantees on how smooth it'll be of course

Kaozz1979121d ago

Its a handheld PS TV for the PS5. The old PS TV did remote play only for PS4 and Project Q only PS5 (from what we know)

gold_drake121d ago

i need it not to be streaming only.

anast121d ago

Not gonna lie streaming is sh$%.

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Project Q Leaked Pictures Show the Handheld Is Running Android

A trio of leaked pictures of Sony's upcoming Project Q handheld device show that it is likely running Android, opening lots of possibilities.

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Vits63d ago

I think it's a bit too early to be excited about it.

Running Android does open a lot of possibilities from streaming games from Xbox Game Pass to running Switch games natively - depending on how powerful the internal hardware is - but that is pendent on it being open to third-party apps or easy to hack right out of the box.

VenomUK63d ago

What if the Android OS means you can use third-party streaming services like Nvidia's GeoForce Now? What if Project Q turned out to be the best device for streaming Xbox Game Pass?