The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum Review - We Don't Wants It, We Don't Needs It - Gamespot

Daedalic's long-delayed Tolkienian adventure is just as unlikeable and tragic as its namesake protagonist.

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chrisx8d ago

Right from the very first day this game was announced, it had mediocre written allover it. Who would ever want to play as the gollum? It made no sense

savedsynner8d ago

What's sad is this could have been a 3rd in the Shadow series that was so good.

Sonic18818d ago

I'm surprised it got a lower score than Redfall

attilayavuzer8d ago


Redfall is a meh-to-okayish game could probably be polished into a 7/10. This just looked awful every time. 7th gen graphics, ridiculous DLC, boring gameplay.

Kosic8d ago

It looked like a walk in the bush simulator when they first announced it.

PapaBop8d ago

With a well crafted story, Gollum/Smeagol could have made a great game. Certainly not something I'd ever expect or ask for but I think he is one of the best characters in Middle Earth which is probably large in part to just how amazing Andy Serkis was in bringing him to life.

Sonic18817d ago (Edited 7d ago )


Redfall needs more than just that. Gollum has to be really bad. I haven't seen a score like this in years

DogJosha7d ago

@savedsynner I only played one of them but it was one of my most dissapointing games in history. The appeal of Lord of the Rings is story telling which the game severly lacked. I'd rather get a story based game than just another generic action game. Not to say Gollum hit that spot but I will just have to see.

Ashunderfire867d ago

So bad even Skill Up said that this game got grammar errors!!!! YES grammar errors!!!! Holyyy Dumpster Fire!

FinalFantasyFanatic7d ago

Redfall was pretty bad, but somehow this game actually looks worse, I don't even know why this game exists when it looks like it was lacking direction to begin with.

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solideagle8d ago

exactly my reaction minus holy. I was like 'oh wow' and laughed like an anime shurululu shurululu...I don't know why :D

Mcardle8d ago

That sucks, was hoping they would pull off a nice surprise as its always nice when developers try something new, but this always looked mediocre at best.

RaidenBlack8d ago

same here ... was hoping this'd be something different

sushimama8d ago

Looks like this precious has already been cast into Mount Doom before the story even began

Daeloki8d ago

Much like Isildur with the one ring, this game too should have been cast into the fire.

Chryzz238d ago

did anybody really asked for this?

8d ago
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