PlayStation Showcase was Sony at its worst and a major disappointment for PS5

Sony’s much anticipated E3 style preview event was full of new games but few of them were by Sony and none of them stole the show.

P_Bomb359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Will go down as a missed opportunity. Please don’t take 2 years again. 🫥

Abracadabra359d ago

This is what happens when there's no competition.

outsider1624359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

This is actually Xbox's chance to take this opportunity. Good luck to them.

Abracadabra359d ago

It's not a question of luck. It's a question of talent.
Does the Xbox have the talent to take this opportunity?

zacly359d ago

Exactly. Competing against an imaginary Perfect Dark and Fable game and two major IPs (Gears and Halo) being run into the ground by incompetent developers. Used to be an xbox guy but have given up on them. They seem more focused on buying up companies than actually making games.

jznrpg359d ago

@outside1624 Cbox can have good shows but what does that do in the end when the games have to be released? Nothing much

onisama359d ago

They have all the talents... But do they have the right management to direct them? In my opinion no thats actually why their games is all over the place hifi is great redfall is bad forza is on top grounder is nice.... Its like flipping a coin and see what you get

Sonic1881359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Yup that's facts. I hope Microsoft brings it.

ravens52359d ago

I don't like that excuse. Sony should always please their hard-core customers more than anything. That's how you end up in last place. This whole shift towards live service is trash. They better not deviate from what got them here.

Wintersun616359d ago

I was disappointed by this showcase. Where were all the new games in progress from the many Playstation studios that we know have been under work for a long time now? Then it hit me. They're still holding back because they think it will help their case against MS buying ABK. Will it help? I doubt it and I think they're shooting themselves in the foot. However, I'm still confident in Sony's ability to consistently deliver the best games in the future. They've been doing it for a long time now. And the absence of first party reveals just means that there's a lot to look for in the near future. All those studios we didn't hear from in this showcase are working on something. Also correct me if I'm wrong, didn't Sony say a couple of years back that they don't want to show new first party games years before their release anymore?

CrimsonWing69359d ago

Honestly, you're 100% correct.

I think what we'll see is Xbox take in the feedback from this Sony showcase to try and deliver a much stronger showcase.

fr0sty359d ago

Considering they don't think that making good games will help them sell consoles, I wouldn't hold your breath.

babadivad358d ago

Exactly what I kept saying. You Sony fans should WANT a competitive Xbox. Maybe now they'll finally see how ridiculous they've been. I doubt it though.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen358d ago

There's no competition because Xbox isn't even trying. Nintendo is the king of it's portable gaming segment and regularly releases good games. Sony just needs to bounce back from all the delays caused by the pandemic. Hell, where's TLOU Factions?

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sparky77359d ago

That is what makes it such as colossal failure, two whole years of no showcase and this is the best you can do.

RaidenBlack359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

I have a feeling ... Sony'll have another PS showcase focusing more 1st parties, later this year ... September-ish maybe?
Yea ... I am just being utopic ... lol (coz the hype was through the roof, lmao. From PS on social media themselves to every gaming news site hyped it big time)
[ guess Xbox showcase might surprise? fingers crossed ]

tagzskie359d ago

@sparky77 yeah i also feel disappointed. i wondered how xboys feel when xbox have conference, its sucks to be them if they feel the same everytime. Off topic gonna settle for ff16 and spiderman 2 this year though. Looking forward for RE4 VR mode

Eonjay359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

The show content wise was fine. Sony also showed several new IP. The only real problem is that there was no gameplay. Whomever made the decision to go CGI for every Sony trailer needs to be fired. Spider-Man and Hell Divers were the only positive first party showing because they were the only things with gameplay. The rest of the show was fine. Lots of good games.

Christopher359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Weren't those two the only first party showings other than Bungie games?

I've complained about the lack of first party showcases before and while this wasn't a bad showcase it focused way too much on third parties again.

Crows90359d ago


The first game showed in the presentation it was also a first party which blew my mind because that looked like a horrible game even though it was just a cinematic

AmUnRa359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

Almost all the third party games where CGI but thats not Sony's. fault. That the fault of the third party developers, the games that where first party showed gameplay.
Sony cant demand from third party developers to deliver gameplay ore else.....
Thats not how ot works....

Theyr wil be another SoP ore showcase that will highlite the first party games in the months to come, thats a given....

thesoftware730359d ago

I agree, not a bad show; they showed a lot of different games, and that is what it's about.

Did we want more 1st party, sure, but they showed like 30 games, hard to be disappointed just because they are not many 1st party. I always thought that mentality was kinda weird and have said it in the past about Xbox, you can't claim a system has no games just because all are not 1st party.

I know 1st party games are important, and needed, but if there are tons of good games to play, I'm good.

Obscure_Observer359d ago

"Whomever made the decision to go CGI for every Sony trailer needs to be fired."

That´s nonsense! Studios will only show gameplay when they´re ready to do it. It´s pretty dumb and irresponsible to demand people to get fired for things they are not in control.

To show gameplay in this time and age is a risky business that could ruin your project in early stages of development with all the main and social media slamming developers work, along influencers with 120x zoom lens to try and find issues you can´t find at naked eye just for the heck of it.

The lack of new and big AAA first party games was disappoint, but I will not blame Sony for not showing gameplay for it´s announced games.

King_Noctis358d ago

Every company (not just Sony) by now should not use CGI as a trailer. We have the technology right now to make games that look good with great gameplay, yet those companies still rely on the same advertising tactics from a decade ago. Look at games like Spider-Man 2 and ToTK. No CGI is needed yet they are the two most anticipated game this year.

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onisama359d ago

In 2 years they will have live service games to show... Yay so excited

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badz149358d ago

the level of double standards seen here is overwhelming. Sony has been doing great so far with the PS5, so WTH are all these skepticism and frustration all of a sudden? they just released the PSVR2 and I think they used the allocated time well on VR content because,...unless you guys forgot...THEY WANT TO MOVE THOSE UNITS! they want PSVR2 to be a success and VR to continue to thrive in the console space. hey, I'm not the biggest VR fan out there and don't even have any VR set to speak of but I admire the effort and I hope more people will embrace VR. Sure, Sony might be relying too much on Spidey2 and FF16 to maintain the PS5's momentum this year but I also understand that they also desperately want PSVR2 to succeed and I think I can understand. it's not like Sony is abandoning their fanbase to dry. they are just hoping that players will be satisfied with Spidey2 and FF16 as far as exclusives are concerned for now. more will be coming next year, no doubt! I'm just happy that earlier next year, we will finally get something Wolverine!

there was a time when Sony was in a similar situation with the PS4 and PS Vita. they just weren't able to keep pushing both. something had to take priority and we know what happened and the rest is history. it's just that back then I was really rooting for the Vita and still feeling that frustration that it was left to die and its potential wasted.

so why is it when it comes to MS it's always waiting for this, wait for that, and Nintendo basically has NOTHING huge regarding 1st party offerings either but nobody complains! but Sony not showing ALL games from ALL their studios, suddenly the torches and pitchforks are out! like I said, DOUBLE STANDARDS!

ApocalypseShadow358d ago

Happens all the time where Sony's competitors don't show anything. Sony shows a lot but it's not enough. They want more. They want some type of road map and for Sony to spill the beans on everything they got for the next 5 years. Which is nonsense.

They've become spoiled. All those games and superb looking VR games and they're complaining.

Bathyj358d ago

It will go down as a terrible show and rightly so because of how long we had to wait and for all the stuff they shouldn't have shown.
But please keep inind, not showing the games we want to see is not as bad as showing the games we want to see and them being bad, nor are they the same thing.