Dragon's Dogma 2 brings mythical creatures from The Witcher to the world of Final Fantasy

A new look at the highly anticipated fantasy adventure Dragon's Dogma 2 has been released during the May 2023 PlayStation showcase and it contains a few quick looks at the dangerous creatures that you'll face within its world.

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RaidenBlack132d ago

Just looks awesome...
Dragons Dogma was very underrated... Hope this one gets much more recognition

gold_drake132d ago

definitely, such a good game

meanmallard132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Hey, don't take this comment the wrong way, I like the game a lot and I'm excited for the sequel.

But I feel like the game is "rated" pretty well, it's got quite a cult following, there was even a Dragons Dogma Online which didn't get ported to the West but you could play it, it even got fan language patches for a while. And they made a PS4 remake version too.

Adrian_v01131d ago

Yeah, the sorcerer spells in dark arisen really hit differently than other rpgs

Silly Mammo132d ago

I loved the combat in the 1st game. Excited that there'll be a 2nd one.

HeliosHex132d ago

Wallet going to be hurting in the coming months I see.

CBaoth131d ago

hey look, Deep Down finally got a trailer. Jokes aside, it looks great. 1st one seemed to lack that AAA polish from a Capcom product, so it's good to see this IP receive a big budget

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