Phantom Blade Zero: a new beginning in a long journey

Studio founder reveals the origins and inspirations behind this hack and slash RPG.

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RaidenBlack129d ago

This game was the real new IP surprise.
Super cool gameplay

Sonic1881129d ago

It was the best game there IMO

abstractel128d ago

So hyped for this game. The animations looked absolutely sick, can't wait. There weren't many new triple-A reveals (with gameplay) so I agree this was the biggest IP surprise of the showcase.

outsider1624128d ago

Man..im not into these types of games, you know sekiro/souls diffcilty type games. But this...i was blown away by this.

RedDevils128d ago

I want more Chinese story games, similar to the monkey game that was announced but has not yet been released.

blackblades128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I like sword base games 95% more then shooters so this was awesome. Cat guest look clean and fun and that side scrolling game looks like a game from india color rise. So basically we have this, that ronin game, and Stella blade.

ravens52128d ago

Definitely one of the best surprise games. Looking forward to this 1

I_am_Batman128d ago

One of the few surprises of the show. Looks great so far. Gonna keep an eye on this one.

anast128d ago

Such a great time to be into Sony games.

128d ago
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Phantom Blade Zero Demo Announced for 2024

Director of Phantom Blade zero confirms a 30 minutes playable demo of the project will be available on 2024!

ravens5261d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Nice!, hopefully early 2024.


I’d prefer a quicker launch, but feel free to accomplish both 🥰