Phantom Blade Zero Announced, Early Footage Shows Stylish Combat and Traversal

A new game has been announced at PlayStation Showcase, and it's titled "Phantom Blade 0." Check out the trailer featuring stylish combat.

RaidenBlack120d ago

This game was the real new IP surprise.
Super cool gameplay

victorMaje120d ago

Combat looked amazing. I’ll be watching closely.

potatoseal119d ago

This game had my jaw dropped the whole time. This might now be my most anticipated game. I was floored.


Phantom Blade Zero Demo Announced for 2024

Director of Phantom Blade zero confirms a 30 minutes playable demo of the project will be available on 2024!

ravens5252d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Nice!, hopefully early 2024.


I’d prefer a quicker launch, but feel free to accomplish both 🥰

raWfodog52d ago

Not always the case, but usually a demo is a sign of confidence from the devs that players will like the game.

blackblades52d ago

Well its not there 1st game and shows the game isn't years away.

Rikimaru-0052d ago

now that's what i'm talking about. really looking forward to this game.


Phantom Blade Zero Q&A - Dev Says Bosses are the Game's Highlights, Confirms Ray Tracing & PS5 Specs

We interviewed S-Game founder and CEO Soulframe Liang to learn all about the impressive Chinese Soulslike game Phantom Blade Zero.

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Lightning7755d ago

Please, please let this be a 2024 game. I need this in my life.

55d ago

It’s great to finally be able to play games made in China. No gamer wants to be isolated from such a vast pool of talent and creativity. It should be interesting to experience Chinese culture through a game for the first time.

The game obviously looks breathtaking, cannot wait to play, S-Game!


While Players Compare The Recent Xbox and Sony Showcases, I'm Just Happy To Have More Great Games

Ahmed from eXputer writes "While a lot of people compare the PS and Xbox showcases together, it's better to enjoy every unique experience these studios have to offer"

raWfodog70d ago

This article is making too much sense. It’s not gonna get very hot.

Lightning7769d ago (Edited 69d ago )

I still think Sony had the better 3rd party showcase. Metal Gear Alan Wake 2, Dragons Dogma 2 Immortals Of Aveum. MS for once since ever had the better 1st party showing. I say ever because those were 3rd party games MS was showing off during the 360 days.

Flawlessmic68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Lol who cares about 3rd party when these big main showcases we come to see first party.

Sony's show sucked simple as that, it's gave me cgi trailers for live service games......... never been more disappointed in my life by Sony honestly.

On topic though I agree with the writer I have all consoles so I've wayyyyyyyyy to much to play as it is and it's a great time to be a gamer

CBaoth68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I don't. Did Sony's showcase suck by its own standards? Yeah but I never discount 3rd party reveals and care where they occur. Absolutely CGI trailers are abysmal, especially when they're not representable to the game. How about those CGI 1st party announcements about games that 3 years later still haven't shown concept art? Or need help from other studios in between? I wish games weren't revealed until they reach alpha stage but alas that's the world we live in. The only CGI I want to see is an actual cutscene from the game for narrative purposes or else we get disappointed by the change in art direction (Avowed stings personally)

anast68d ago

They showed nothing new and nothing that will only run on their SX. The MS was bottom barrel stuff.

Rimeskeem69d ago

I'm lucky enough to afford a PS5 and gaming PC. Best of both worlds.

isarai69d ago

1st party stuff is what I'm always looking forward to most, and I will say at the moment Playstation is really uncharacteristically quiet. Kinda killing me tbh, I wanna see what all these studios are doing like Bend, Asobi, ND, London Studio, Bluepoint, Suckerpunch etc that we haven't heard anything on whatever their next big project is, seems like we should've heard something by now

blackblades69d ago

They'll show it when they are ready but yeah we all agree on that we wanna know what they are working on. If rumor are believe which they were right about last showcase. They will have another this year as well don't wanna show to early that the game will be out for many years.

jznrpg68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

With PS we have 25 years of proof that they will deliver. I am not concerned one bit that they changed their formula.

Instead of announcing games when they are started as projects they are announcing them nearer to release.

There are some exceptions like Wolverine but overall it’s a smart strategy long term.

Games get delayed , changed and sometimes canceled. You don’t have to deal with backlash of delays or this looks different from the reveal if you show the game close to release.

A lot less disappointment and a lot less pressure on the dev teams to meet the deadline that’s set years in advance. It will help to alleviate crunch and backlash from crazy people. It just makes sense.

We know all of their studios are making games and they have delivered since their inception so they have earned my patience.

I don’t want games announced 5 or more years before release like Hellblade 2, Fable, Perfect Dark , Everwild.

I don’t want games being delayed for a year or more like Halo and still be an unfinished game or a game that should be canceled but instead it’s rushed out like Redfall because it was hyped up for a couple years.

MS has set themselves up with all of these way too early announcements for potential failure. Sure their show looked a little better potentially but when the games actually release the chance to disappoint is high because they get hyped up for years and aren’t nearly as good as people hope or they have to go through with the project because fans expect it now and some will get delayed and some may have a sticker that says 60fps or some other feature is coming later because they have to release the game.

isarai68d ago

When they start acting different than they have in 25yrs, I begin to worry. I love Sony and Playstation to death, but a lot of the reasons I do are starting to fade. Support for Indies, push for creativity, pro consumer practices. Now, I don't see nearly as many indie games co-develped by Sony, variety has definitely lowered over the years, and the move away from pro consumer is the biggest hit for me, having to pay for a port of a game you already own, that was free between ps3, ps4, psp and vita, $70 for their games, even a remaster with the mp half gone. Hell that charged $10 for and update uncharted 4 that was free in TLOU2. it's not terrible yet, but where they're headed is what has me worried and wondering wtf is going on. I cannot remember a time they have Ever had this little confirmed to look forward to, sure yes they are working on something and it will release eventually, but after all that talk of ps5 making development faster, why are we waiting longer than ever to get announcements? The whole thing just seems off to me

ApocalypseShadow68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

This is all that needs to be said. Exactly.

Sony has delivered for decades but a showcase showing 3rd party games is supposed to show that Sony's got nothing coming. When we know they always got something coming.

It shows you how impatient and entitled certain gamers are. Thinking they need to know a company's entire strategy or roadmap. And will turn on you at the drop of a hat.

They think by buying the system, they are given a seat on the board of directors.

Isarai, if you believe that Sony doesn't support Indies or are doing less, you're fooling yourself. And Sony continues to push into new areas like with China Hero project and into India.

No one told you or are forcing you to buy an updated game where you already own the original. Back in the day, I bought RE Directors Cut. Capcom didn't force me because I owned the original RE1. Where do gamers get this nonsense. Sometimes Sony charges for something. Sometimes they give stuff away for free. Remember during the pandemic and they gave away all those games? Remember Sony giving away a pack in game for free with PS5 besides a collection of games for buying PS5? Oh. You forgot that shit didn't you? If you believe they aren't making games for PS5 that requires more work at a higher detail, then sell the system because of your impatience. Cars in GT7 take months to make. Just one car. Wake up.

purple10168d ago

Rise of ronin (by team ninja) seems to be next big game after Spiderman.

I think it's timed exclusive but not sure.

raWfodog68d ago

They have stuff in the pipeline so I guess they’ll announce when ready to show.

But tbh I’m just glad to hear details about any new games, 1st or 3rd party. I know it makes a difference to some but I dont care as long as they keep giving me great games to play.