PlayStation is using Bungie to ‘rigorously’ vet its upcoming live service games

CEO Jim Ryan says the Destiny studio has "surpassed my expectations"

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shinoff2183123d ago

Don't have much to say. It's smart. Still not my style I understand there's money to be made

-Foxtrot123d ago

Yeah it’s a no from me…

Hopefully if this live service shit fails they’ll just get Bungie to work on something similar to Halo

Great single player campaign with drop in drop out co-op and a death match online mode

Vengeance1138123d ago

So don't play it then, but like it or not live service is very much here to stay, its another option for players to engage with. I don't play any MP games at all myself, but even i'm smart enough to know that Sony getting a highly successful live service game under their belts will catapult PlayStation even higher in revenue and thus more funding for Single Player games.

-Foxtrot123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

“ but like it or not live service is very much here to stay”

Well with that shitty attitude then yeah it will and soon people like yourself won’t mind games ending up more shallow at launch bit by bit as the years go by until it’s just looked at as normal.

It’s just funny as far back as silly DLC like horse armour people try and say something and people like yourself go “don’t like it don’t play/get it” then it becomes ridiculous within a decade and the same people then do a 180 and start complaining themselves

“PlayStation even higher in revenue and thus more funding for Single Player games”

Oh please that’s a total optimistic what if

Look whether it’s someone else or PlayStation once a company gets a taste of that sweet live service easy money they slowly change. Let’s not pretend people like Sony are immune.

Vengeance1138123d ago


Speaking of shitty attitude, I present to you, your comment! lol
Literally everything you said can be reduced to nothing but doom sayer gloom and pessimism. Imagine actually thinking like that! wow!

Do you realize PlayStation is stronger and more popular now than it has every been in its history? You think you actually know better than a multi billion dollar corporation with some of the smartest talent in the industry?

"once a company gets a taste of that sweet love service easy money they slowly change" LOL oh no! Anyway...

"Oh please that’s a total optimistic what if "
VS what your comment is.. i'll say "Oh please, that's a total pessimistic what if" If anyone needs to go outside, its you.

Noskypeno123d ago

If higher revenue meant more funding for other types of games, we'd have Titanfall 3.

FinalFantasyFanatic122d ago

I would love a Sony equivalent of Halo, I just like Sci-fi shooters in general.

jznrpg122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

Live Service could fund a lot of single player games if they have a hit or two.

These games make billions a year.

Destiny 1 wasn’t a bad game I played it for a little while. I just don’t have time for these games myself and prefer single player. But there are gamers out there that want high quality multiplayer and if they can deliver that and also continue to grow and deliver single player I’m all for it.

potatoseal123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

I'm open to any game. Willing to give them a chance. Destiny and Destiny 2 are actually amazing games. Excellent co-op PvE content and loads of it, as well as the PvP. The Raids are amazing. I don't play it anymore, but in the past I've put close to 1000 hours in both games. Skill Up still plays heaps of Destiny, he loves it. His reviews of games are mostly extremely trustworthy

Kaii123d ago

The studio that takes content away from the "live game" and can't deliver consistent hits, looks at Lightfall.

Don't like studios that use manipulative practices, my expectations are rock bottom ^.^

Noskypeno118d ago

I haven't played the destiny games yet, do they really take away the story stuff after every season or something? Imagine if the only way to watch a movie is if it's in theaters and once it's away from theaters, it can't be seen again.

hotnickles123d ago

Everyone knew this day one. It was a steal honestly.

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Interview with Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil

Forza is the best racing game. Xbox will continue to work hard to create Japanese titles.

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crazyCoconuts1d 10h ago

I wonder how the gamers in Tokyo feel after Phil's email came out about how much he'd like to buy Nintendo.

XiNatsuDragnel1d 9h ago

Nintendo is probably laughing rn since they're winning and doing amazing my friend XD.

fr0sty4h ago

"Forza is the best racing game. Sure, it has fewer tracks and no VR, but it's better. Promise."

Einhander19722h ago


And it's cars and tracks cost money and there is a battle pass, but it's better.

Abriael1d 7h ago

I'm in Tokyo right now, and I can pretty much promise you that the vast majority of gamers in Tokyo don't give a flying F about that.

Jin_Sakai1d 5h ago

Probably because the vast majority don’t even know about it.

StormSnooper4h ago

They are trying. they will buy anyone they can.

Jin_Sakai7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

I’m sure they wouldn’t want Nintendo owned by a Western mega corporation that can’t even figure out what to do with their own gaming division.

porkChop7h ago

Outside of places like this no one really cares that much. Anyone with some common sense knows it ain't happening. Nintendo's investors would never go for it, and regulators would never approve it. No console manufacturer will be able to buy another. Even if MS were to go software-only, with Bethesda and ABK they'd be way too big to allow that purchase.

The most we'll likely see is further collaboration between the two. Maybe a bespoke version of Game Pass to stream games that otherwise aren't available for purchase on Nintendo systems. Or maybe Nintendo will use Azure to revamp its online infrastructure.