Don't like always-online consoles? #DealWithIt | 10 Years Ago

Reports of Microsoft's next system requiring a constant internet connection got the industry talking, fretting, screaming, and harassing.

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masterfox127d ago

just to let everyone since well Im pretty sure everyone is aware off right?, MS has never changed that ideology of an always online console, that time 10 years ago they had no other choice but to backtrack the online thing cause of the huge pressure Playstation put on them, but MS haven't change that plan, they are actually going ahead with the always online thing and control your gaming habits, but they are doing their plans in a slow fashion way with GP and Cloud gaming, but sadly there are alot of naive people outhere that is not capable of seeing the whole picture of the Monopolistic plans from MS for gaming.

ApocalypseShadow126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

That is correct. I've seen it for years and once I saw their idea of the game industry's future, I was done with Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, etc. My money was to be spent elsewhere. Or so low that is not worth it to the company. EA as an example, the last 15-20 years, they've gotten maybe $30 out of me. I bought Battlefront for $5 to play the VR mode and Squadrons for like $25. But even then, I felt dirty giving them money to support VR.

If online was to happen, you let it happen naturally if that's what gamers wanted. Instead, they have been grooming and forcing the issue bit by bit until they can get enough mouths to evangelize for them to convince the rest of us. I'm still not convinced. And I refuse to be monetized by companies looking for profits on things that would have been built into their games at launch. Not nickel and dime for a hat or a weapon or complete skin.

No matter what, I like to control what I purchase and decide what I want to do with it. They can offer games for download, but I had better be able to play them offline. Deciding when I can play something I buy or their servers go down that prevents me from playing or there's so much traffic that the image degrades or slows down is a turn off. Besides the delisting of games that would no longer be sold or servers turned off of games making what I purchased unplayable. No matter how good they say that digital future is, they can't convince me it's worth the convenience.

shinoff2183126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Exactly masterfox it's damn near the same thing just rebranded.

Not cool for gaming. I don't play online but I do like checking out sales on psn and of course the updates we constantly need. Don't even get me started on how horrible of an idea I think cloud gaming is. I loathe ms for what they are trying to do. It's disturbing to me , I don't understand how their base can't see though the bs and they just eat it up. Cloud cloud cloud

XiNatsuDragnel127d ago

Then they never felt the same again imo.

SullysCigar126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

OMG that immortal line "deal with it". That was a new industry low at the time. A spectacular fail. I think that's why all that's happened since - as awful as it's often been - doesn't seem to have such an impact. It jaded the hell out of everyone.

shinoff2183126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

It turned me off of ms. I was always a ps fan first cause they always bring it, variety and Japanese games. If it wasn't for starfield and a potential fallout I'd have no reason to buy. Even with that I'm buying secondhand

TheEnigma313125d ago

always online, focus on tv, forced kinect, $100 more than ps4. The One was doomed to be in last place.

anast125d ago

This is up there with: "Don't you guys have phones?"

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