Game Pass Has Changed Me For Better Or Worse | The Kurt Locker

Over the six years of being a Game Pass subscriber, Kurt's relationship with games, how he plays them and buys them, has been dramatically altered… for better or worse.

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ApocalypseShadow132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Total ridiculous video. Total, casual bullshitter. And I'll tell you why. Those with an attention span, stay with me...

He doesn't know if he'd value a game if he bought it. You should know after years of gaming. I value every great game I bought because I spent money on it. I look for the best and what I'm attracted to and buy them. My range of genres is across the board. And, from AAA to AA to Indie games. It doesn't matter. What I bought has value. The developer delivered a great game. I valued that hard work with a purchase. Ghost Wire Tokyo was out for a long time before hitting game pass. He just didn't want to spend money. And even says that if HiFi Rush was just a regular purchase, he doesn't think he would have even given the game a look. Why is that? A good game is a good game. Shouldn't matter if it hits a service. Reviews would tell you it's good. He only played it when it hit game pass. But even then, he doesn't value the game enough to finish. And doesn't think he'll go back.

Then, he buys Callisto Protocol at the end but doesn't say if he values the game when he purchased it. The video just ends after clicking purchase and him sitting back on the couch. My guess is, is that he won't finish that game either.

Game pass is only valued as "the best value in gaming" to SOME PEOPLE. Those who subscribe and get something out of it would say that if they can't afford games or don't want to spend money on games. Doesn't mean it's the best value in gaming. That's subjective.

Game pass lets him try games. That's fine. FREE DEMOS could easy let you try games too. Instead, companies are charging you money to try them. But he doesn't FINISH any of them. He has a hard drive full of games he hasn't finished. Then goes on to say if you're reading a book and decide you no longer want to continue reading, you should just stop. Obviously, it must not have been a good book. Or kept your attention to finish it. Or, you have problems paying attention and easily are distracted by something else.

When I get a good game, I almost have to stop myself from finishing the game too quickly because I'm so immersed in the action or story that I want to see what's next. I don't get that from this guy. And, I'm guessing others who subscribe to game pass have this same problem with this "game buffet." Which is why game sales are cannibalized. Console sales are cannibalized by it being on PC. Microsoft said game sales. But it actually affects both.

I'll leave with this. What if we all waited for new release games to arrive on a service? Developers and publishers spend millions making games but we all waited until it hit a subscription. What would happen to the game industry? No buying, no waiting for a sale. Just waited hoping it arrives. What happens to developers if no one is buying? What if the developer's games don't get noticed on a service? Think about it... The industry survives by the people who buy. Not the ones who rent.

132d ago
darkrider131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Worst. A cheap gamer that doesn't buy games and is crippling the industry and then cries because games aren't being made for their console and tries to find excuses...


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