Nope, I still don't regret buying my Steam Deck

DT: “The ROG Ally is faster than the Steam Deck, right? Yes, but I'm still happy I have Valve's handheld around.”

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crazyCoconuts133d ago

Definitely need to support the Steam Deck. They're doing it right and have delivered the whole package, not just the hardware with some support software on top of Windows

Sonic1881132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

It's definitely the best portable handheld device out there. I installed windows on it and I'm loving it. The fact you can use gamepass and emulators on this thing is amazing. You can actually play Zelda Totk on this thing. Steam Deck for the win

crazyCoconuts132d ago

Do you have a dual boot configuration then? Like, can you go back to the regular SteamOS?

darthv72133d ago

I can say it was the deck that got me somewhat back into PC gaming. I still prefer console but I wont pass up a good steam sale on titles I already own on console. Especially if it runs them better than the console.

Sonic1881133d ago

I like using it when I'm at work or on the go

Crows90132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Just got mine 2 weeks ago. I do think that it's the better handheld. Specifically because at lower power consumption it performs better than the ally. The whole point for me of purchasing a handheld is to play indies and smaller titles. Also retro games.

It makes no difference to me if the deck can run the latest triple A titles because I don't want to play those titles on a handheld ..that's what my tv and gaming laptop are for.

Wonderful device and hope they keep on improving. It's just missing native gamepass. Hopefully steam brings or allows gamepass in their OS

One might argue then why not get the Nintendo switch and use it in the same way?

Well Nintendo is weird and I got no idea if they're going to maintain a steady excosystem from one gen to the next. Steam is a much safer bet.

CDbiggen132d ago

I don't even know where mine is or why I bought it.

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