Why Future Kingdom Hearts Releases Could Be Impacted by Final Fantasy VII Remake

With Square Enix's recent actions, one change with Final Fantasy VII in particular may lead to some interesting consequences for Kingdom Hearts.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gets Spectacular Gameplay Showing Capturing Chocobos, Piano Playing, More

Today Square Enix showcased plenty of gameplay of the upcoming second game of the Final Fantasy VII Remake series, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

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Barlos18h ago

Looks good, but a stable 60fps would be nice please. I played FFXVI in the 30fps mode and just couldn't get used to it. I am hoping SE can deliver something better with FFVII Rebirth

MrNinosan15h ago

It has performance mode 60fps.
I'll rather olay 4k 30 thou, and from everything that has been shown of Rebirth last week, it's a game aimong for GOTY and I think it will have a big chance on that.

Can't stand the wait for 29th of February.

Babadook712h ago(Edited 12h ago)

Those production values! Looks gorgeous. I love how the world map and every dungeon and town are one seem-less environment here.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gameplay Impressions | New Gameplay Today

Gameinformer - Watch two slices of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth as we share our hands-on impressions.

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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Revitalizes The Original's Jump To A Grand Adventure - Paste

Paste: "For now, though, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is building off the success of the first installment while leaning further into the grand adventure, and that’s gotten me excited for what’s to come in this familiar, yet still fresh, take on a classic revival."

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