Game Pass subscription prices will increase in Brazil

Retailers received emails from Microsoft detailing that prices will increase. PC Game Pass won't get a price change for now

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potatoseal128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

"It is worth noting that only the subscription fee on consoles will be adjusted, prices on PC will remain the same."

Not only to Xbox console players have to pay to play online, they now have to pay more for GamePass. PC players are just chilling lol. If I was a console only player with Xbox I would be a little bit peeved at this information. Just a little bit.

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Vengeance1138128d ago

Ha! So it begins! Best deal in gaming? Not for long, all things end. Trial in Brazil for the increased prices then worldwide.

porkChop127d ago

It's Brazil. I wouldn't think too much of it unless it happens somewhere else with normal taxes and tariffs. Brazil charges really insane taxes and tariffs to foreign companies and services. For example, almost all physical products being exported to Brazil are subjected to a 60% tax. It's why consoles have traditionally been extraordinarily expensive there. Their situation isn't representative of the rest of the world.

Vengeance1138127d ago

Their high taxes and tariffs aren't new though, always been there. Is Brazil getting GamePass for the first time or something? If not, something is definitely up with MS wanting to run a trial there with increased price. Else they would have priced it accordingly the first time.

porkChop127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

No, GP isn't new there. My point was more that they could have raised taxes, or are maybe planning to. I know they're adding a "digital tax" to shipments from foreign e-commerce companies soon, for example. Brazil is constantly raising taxes on foreign companies to force them to operate directly in Brazil. They're usually a unique situation. That's why I was saying I'm not going to get up in arms unless this starts happening in countries with more normal taxes/tariffs.

IamFrasierCrane127d ago

It has nothing to do with taxes. Did you miss the part where the price isn’t being raised for PC users? If it was because of taxes the price would increase for all users.

MadLad127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

General consensus, from what I've seen, is that people consider Gamepass a great value in general, and are assuming that prices would go up because it's already rather low for what it is.

Netflix costs almost twice what it was when I first had it. Nintendo is charging you for emulators that can run on potato phones at this point and still choose the games you get, PlayStation molded PS Now into PS Plus and walls off features into tiers I think should just be offered in the first place.

If Gamepass goes up, I only find it realistic and reflective of what everyone else seems to want to do.
I'm a PC player mostly, so this article doesn't effect me much either way. If they raise the price of Gamepass a few bucks, I'm not exactly happy, but it's pretty par for the course. I'll still be keeping Gamepass.

Profchaos127d ago

Brazil always the first to get stiffed that's primarily why most of the country plays retro systems modern gaming is so expensive there's Brazilian companies that have agreements to make Sega Genesis systems to this day there also PS2 is still ultra popular

DivineHand125127d ago

I don't know where this negative spin is coming from. With the updated prices outlined in the article, Brazilians will still end up paying almost $5 less than what their US counterparts pay for a monthly subscription.

Also, all subscription services will increase their prices at some point, and we have many examples. Disney plus, Netflix, HBO max, PS plus and Xbox live have all increased their prices in the recent years.

DarXyde127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Very likely. This was also the case with Netflix, which Xbox execs have said is a model they admire.

I don't really understand the price increase though. Netflix as a streaming service might make some sense if you're maintaining streaming infrastructure. But to download a digital copy of a game? I don't really get it. Just seems like a way to increase revenue. Am I missing something? The only thing mentioned is that this is the decision after some critical "evaluation".

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Vits127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I wonder if this is to equate their service with what Sony asks for the PS Plus. As of now the prices of Live Gold are more or less the same as the PS Plus Essential whereas the GP Ultimate directly competes with the PS Plus Extra more or less coin per coin as well. The unfortunate victim in the middle is the GP Console. That was a much better deal and is now not that good anymore - still the best deal available in the region, as far as I'm aware.

Or if this is to keep in line with the $70 games price tag. Going for the local coin, a year of GP was equivalent to 1.2 "$60 games" on release. And the same proportion is more or less maintained if we consider the new price of AAA titles.

If it is the latter. Then we should also expect an increase in other regions to be announced soon.

Crows90127d ago

Except you're entirely wrong. Look at pricing again. Unless you're talking about Brazil specific pricing. In the USA ps plus extra is competing with the basic gamepass. And ps plus premium is still cheaper than the gamepass ultimate.

Let's clear things up
Ps essential - games with gold
Ps extra - gamepass
Ps premium - gamepass ultimate

Check the pricing and compare. I know which is the more affordable option for sure.

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Profchaos127d ago

Unfortunately most people see pricing on this site and assume USD unless you place the domination first like euro or NZD or AUD internet's global might be a article on Brazil but even yourself said dollars where they use real.

Personally attacking crow was fairly uncalled for

NotoriousWhiz127d ago

I agree his tone was offensive but an apples to oranges comparison doesn't make any sense. If we're talking about Brazil, we need to talk about Brazil.

BehindTheRows127d ago

What's sad is your pathetic attack on someone for just having a different opinion. Grow up!

Outside_ofthe_Box127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

They can afford not to do this?
How very pro consumer of them.

MadLad127d ago

Sony can afford to let you put PS2 and PS3 discs into your console, but they don't do that. They have a bunch of remasters though. They have subscription services and remasters if you want that.

All these companies do crappy, anti-consumer things. Gaming is going to hell pretty quickly. I remember in highschool getting annoyed at the idea of $60 games.

Now there's loot boxes, remasters of remasters of games just a few years old, pay to win dlc in retail games. Offering BC, but locking it behind a paywall.

All the companies are screwing the "end user". People are just tribalistic and choose what bothers them; based on what companies they like and don't like.

Outside_ofthe_Box127d ago

You say all this, but I'm pretty sure if I cared enough to, I can find a comment where you call MS pro consumer/consumer friendly enough though right now you're saying that "all" companies are the devil, unless you are including yourself in the "People are just tribalistic and choose what bothers them; based on what companies they like and don't like." retort of course.