Mortal Kombat 1's exuberant ultra-violence shouldn't need defending, but here we are

Once again, we're talking about violence. Once again, we're talking about Mortal Kombat. It's like 1992 all over again.

Shubhankar131d ago

Damn people, it's been 31 years. Mortal Kombat is violent. Mario jumps. Water is wet. Get over it.

Pepin131d ago

I first read that as 'Wario is wet'. Which I suppose he probably is, when you really think about it.

spicelicka131d ago

Perhaps don't think too much about it, you don't know which parts of his body are wet...

NotoriousWhiz131d ago

Silly cartoony violence is one thing. This ain't the Sega genesis anymore.

Huey_My_D_Long131d ago

Jeez, somebody don't tell this guy about horror movies.

roadkillers131d ago

It's people who dont play video games that arnt used to the cartoon violence

chobit_A5HL3Y131d ago

tbh, we need more gore in game, imo. it's lame when you have a sword or shoot someone's limb and there's just a lame splash of blood. you should be able to shoot and cut limbs off on the regular lol

Flawlessmic131d ago

Tbh I think the writer wanted to make up a discourse around this cause I haven't seen or heard anyone complaining lol

hombreacabado131d ago

tbh i agree and what is the internet for if not to manufacture outrage over nothing.

NotoriousWhiz131d ago

I've heard a bunch of people complaining about the amount of gore. And tbh, I agree. The more realistic it gets, the more off-putting it gets. I'm sure some people prefer that, but not me.

Flawlessmic131d ago

That's the good thing about entertainment, no one is forcing anyone to watch or play it.

Don't like it, dont buy it simple as that.

Don't see why others need to ruin the fun for us because it hurts there sensibilities

NotoriousWhiz131d ago

Alternatively, they can do like they did on the classic Nintendo and include some kind of toggle for the amount of gore.

HeliosHex131d ago

You know what I'd like to see in mortal Kombat? I'd like to see that the cuts and burns remain on the character during the fight. But more so than that I'd like to see that when your legs or arms are cut off you keep trying to fight with one arm or no arms or one leg or no legs. Even grab one of your limbs and beat your opponent with it. If your cut in half you can stand on your stomach entrails move with your arms and do mid to lower section attacks. If your spine is ripped out you fight with your body flopping around lose your head your controls get out of whack as you desperately try to win and avoid a fatality. Speaking of which the only way to win is by fatality or lose by blood loss.

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