Alone in the Dark | Spotlight Announcement

Allow us to illuminate some of the mysteries that shroud Alone in the Dark on May 25 at 5 PM PST / May 26 at 2 AM CEST.

Join us on YouTube and Twitch as we unveil answers to some of the most pressing questions surrounding the game in our Alone in the Dark Spotlight.

Alone in the Dark is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

potatoseal122d ago

I really hope this game is good. I played the original on PC when I was a child.

RaidenBlack122d ago

This game would've faired much much better if it released in 2022.
New gamers would've taken much more interest in this Remake and in this lost franchise as whole ...
Yes indie horror was always there but people were starving for famous horror franchises to return.
Now releasing amidst a tsunami of stellar AAA Horror games, I kinda feel bad about this anticipated remake.
It will be compared unfairly to RE4, AWII and SH2 ... something that's not needed but will happen.
Lets see how good the showcase turns out and what magic the devs have carried out. I really hope its good.
And again bad timing ... the showcase is the day after the PS showcase ... : /

potatoseal122d ago

Yes I fear you may be correct. I'm also assuming they didn't have anywhere near the same budget as say the RE4 and RE2 remake. But pure nostalgia has me dialed in lol. Looking forward to see more of this remake/reboot


Alone in the Dark Delayed to January 16th, 2024 to Avoid October's Crazy Release Schedule

THQ Nordic announced a three-month delay for the Alone in the Dark remake due to the incredibly busy game release schedule of October 2023.

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ZwVw17d ago

Hold on. This game is rated "T" for Teen?!

isarai17d ago

I mean you never shoot "people" in these games so kinda makes sense

ZwVw17d ago

Yet, the previous entries still carried "M" ratings.

isarai17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Well according to the ESRB and the official game page it hasn't even been rated yet. I'm not even sure where you're seeing a rating honestly

isarai17d ago

You know what, fair, cause it is crazy and this game I'm definitely grabbing. So nice to be able to do so and not kill my bank account 😅

monkey60217d ago

It was absolutely dead in the water otherwise so probably a good decision

isarai17d ago

October is still so busy I still fully expect a couple casualties

Ashunderfire8617d ago

This late in the game naw!!!!

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Alone in the Dark | The Dark Man Teaser

Don’t say his name.
He’s always listening.
Learn more on August 2, 2023.
Download the Prologue and Pre-Order Alone in the Dark here: aloneinthedark.com

50d ago

THQ Nordic announce extremely limited Alone in the Dark Collector’s Edition

Now we can celebrate the upcoming release of the brand new Alone in the Dark with a special, extremely limited, collector's edition.

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RaidenBlack51d ago

Plz be good 🤞🏻
Not feeling comfortable with its release date thought ... releasing so close to Alan Wake II and other heavy hitters.
They could've at least chosen September.

isarai51d ago

I really hope this is good, the playable teaser was really promising, loved the old PC game back in the day, and they seem to have translated it's weirdness pretty dang well.

-Foxtrot51d ago

That Steelbook is awful...

A title slapped on the front, but don't worry it glows in the dark

50d ago
neomahi50d ago

Not that impressive looking. Looks a $1.99 happy meal toy, a steelbook case and a bunch of cardboard. Wooooooooooooooo!