Upcoming Megadrive release Pier Solar could make it onto XBLA

You might remember Pier Solar, the upcoming RPG that is being developed specifically for the Megadrive in celebration of the console's 20th anniversary, and is pinned for a release sometime in 2009.

If you're worried about not being able to play this game because you don't actually own a Megadrive, don't worry, Water Melon Development has told CVG that once development has finished on the Megadrive version they might start thinking about giving Xbox 360 owners a chance by releasing a remake or re-release on the Xbox Live Arcade.

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Kushan3909d ago

I like XBLA, but I do hate that pretty much all the games are "Arcade" games. I mean, I know that's the Vibe MS was going for, but I'd still like some games with a little more depth to them on there and an RPG like this would be great.

Sangria3909d ago

Actually, Pier Solar may encounter a bigger problem than the lack of Megadrive / Genesis owner: will it find a retailer that will agree to sell it? Or will it be via a private shop like Postal?

player9113909d ago

I can't believe that someone actually made a game for a console I owned when I was 6.

I'm not saying this game won't be neat... but who seriously still has a Sega Genesis/MegaDrive laying around?

Kushan3909d ago

EA is making a new Fifa game for the Mega Drive. It's still very popular in countries like Brazil.

Tears of Ash3908d ago

People make new Atari games quite often, but there's hardly ever any "brand new" Genesis games. Most of the others are localizations that are boxed to seem 'new', like Beggar Prince or something. I don't quite have a 360 as of yet, so I guess I'll be getting this for my Genesis/32x/Sega CD combo. I hear it uses the Sega CD in conjunction with the cartridge for better sound.