Jim Ryan Clearly Didn't Ask The Right "Game Fans" About PlayStation's Delayed PC Ports

If gamers are telling the PlayStation boss that waiting three years for PC ports is okay, then he's talking to the wrong players.

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jznrpg122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

No he isn’t .

They know PS is their main business and PC is their side revenue.

Some PC players don’t mind waiting obviously
or they would buy a PS5.

That’s why he said select games after 2-3 after launch.

Of course PC gamers want these games day 1 but why would PS ruin their console business ?

If PC gamers want Ps games bad enough PS5 is in stock or they can wait. It’s smart business.

MS had to release games on PC day1. Xbox wasn’t making them money.

Xbox console sales were already declining and had one pretty good generation but they’ve burned all the positivity they had with consoles so they need the PC business more than console now.

PS is as strong as ever no need or reason other than you guys want it to do what you think they should.

Flakegriffin121d ago

Exactly. People these days think companies should cater to their every need even if it ruins their business plan. It’s crazy. I get wanting to play it on PC but if that’s what you prefer then you just have to wait. They should be happy it’s coming to PC. There was a time when Sony didn’t drop a single game on PC.

Number1TailzFan121d ago

Tbh you only need a PS5 and Switch (maybe?) if you already have a decent PC anyways as it renders the Xbox kinda irrelevant as you'd get better performance from it, and the benefit of using it for tons of other uses besides just gaming.

neutralgamer1992121d ago

Unlike Microsoft Sony are in the business of selling hardware and software. That’s why for Microsoft Xbox is not a priority so they can launch those games on pc alongside Xbox launch

I don’t think waiting 2-3 years is the correct answer either. It should be game by game basis and minimum should be 12 months and maximum 18 months after launch

phatak121d ago

As a primary pc gamer that also owns the Series X and ps5,here are my 2 cents on this topic.

Would I want the playstation exclusives to appear on PC on day 1 ? absolutely, will it actually happen ? Absolutely not and of course I understand that. Sony is trying to sell hardware first and foremost, they are not like ubisoft or ea just trying to sell their software on all platforms, hence all their exclusives that appeared on PC were long after the initial timeframe when a game sells its highest copies.

Hence in terms of actual usage, my Xbox gets the least time, because it genuinely has no exclusives at all, I played high fi rush( which was excellent) on my pc, I played halo infinite on my pc, I mainly got the Xbox actually to play the backward compatible titles that never appeared on PC, so the gears 2,3, judgment, crackdown 1 and 2, lost odyssey,saints row 1,fable2, rare collection, halo 5, Forza motorsport 5, 6, horizon 2, and all the previous games I collected via games for gold.Most of the PC gamers I know thats why pretty much have chosen to get like a PC + PS5 combo and have avoided the xbox all together, so in terms of business sense of course it makes sense to not release them day 1 and pretty much make the console less desirable.Im just glad sony atleast started putting them on PC.

Something like a metal gear solid 4, killzone collection, resistance collection, infamous collection,white knight chronicles collection, folklore,genji, heavenly sword, sly collection,twisted metal, starhawk, warhawk, ratchet and clank collection,little big planet collection, god of war collection, motorstorm collection etc are literally still ps3 exclusives that need a ps3 to be plugged in, even the rpcs3 emulator cannot play these properly lol so I would really hope years from now we still dont have to plug a ps3 in to play some of these games, and hopefully at least they release these on PC or future PlayStation consoles.

nitus10121d ago

Wow talk about nostaliga. I actually do have some of those games and many I have not finished.

nitus10121d ago

While some PC gamers don't mind waiting for a PC port of a game that would nomally be initially developed for the PS5 I think many get impatient (of course it would be interesting to see a valid survey re that).

If you are a PC gamer then you should not mind spending a few thousand dollars on a decent PC and (of course) an excelent monitor. Since the price of a PS5 is normally a lot cheaper than some PC graphics cards why not get one and connet it to your "excelent" monitor just to play the latest PS5 game.

Rhythmattic121d ago

I honestly think thats the most diplomatic but yet grounded I've read re the situation atm.

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-Foxtrot122d ago

If they want them so badly buy a PS5

If PS5 games were coming to PC day 1 or even a month or so after it would kind of cheapen the idea of having a PS5 when I could just get a super cool gaming PC to play both PS5 and Xbox games.

Personally I think Sony should have focused more on the PS3/PS4 library and once the PS6 comes out then start PS5 games.

blackblades122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

I agree focuse on getting ps4 games on PC now and ps5 games when ps6 is out or at the end of ps5 life cycle. PlayStation games on PlayStation obviously comes 1st we already moved and settle on ps games being on PC so dont push it cause get what you can get and dont cry

sadraiden121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

No, they should focus on strengthening the PS5's library. Sony doesn't own the PC ecosystem, and it represents a fraction of their sales compared to PS5. Spending so much of their time porting PS4 games to PC isn't important. It's a nice gesture, but ultimately I didn't start PC gaming to play Playstation 4 games that I already own.

ravens52121d ago

Hopefully this Wednesday we see the Ps5 library bulk up! All this gen only. Can't wait!

Mr Logic121d ago

What? PS5 titles have already appeared on PC. Miles Morales, Spider-Man Remastered, and Sackboy. "But those are cross-gen titles also on PS4." The PC versions use the higher PS5 assets exceeding the console version in visuals, but fine, I hear you. Returnal, Legacy of Thieves, and TLoU Part 1 are all on PC and all are PS5 only.

shinoff2183121d ago


Of course they are a fraction. They haven't released them on pc that long. Just think ps game gets released on pc it adds a few million sales to the title. Not all but some of that money is rolled into another ps title. Gotta be logical these days. If the Activision deal goes through Sony gotta make that money somewhere.

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anast121d ago

It would take a $1000 + rig to even enjoy a PS5 game.

Crows90121d ago

Not true. People are running PlayStation games on the steam deck...what 5he hell??

Number1TailzFan121d ago

The difference is PC isn't a walled garden tho like consoles as Gabe Newell himself stated, and has a ton of other uses besides just gaming. People always conveniently seem to forget that. You can also keep your stuff a few years before needing to upgrade, and even sell your parts to pay for an upgrade.

anast121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

@ Crow

Show me a rig under 1000 that can run PS5 games at the same settings...I will be waiting a while. Low settings are a compromise on PC not a source of fun.

FinalFantasyFanatic121d ago

True, especially the PS3, there are so many great games trapped on that system that can't be played on a PS4 because of the Cell architecture, it would be worthwhile bringing them to PC.

JackBNimble121d ago

Not because of the cell architecture, because sony won't spend the time or money creating an adequate emulator.

Do you really think it can't be done?
That would be a whole lot of bullshit .

FinalFantasyFanatic120d ago

Didn't say it couldn't be done, the PS5 natively plays PS4 games because they have similar architecture, but they don't share architecture with the PS3. Like the previous Playstation consoles, they'd have to emulate them somehow. We already have ports of some PS3 games on PC as it is (Bayonetta and Vanquish for example, although Bayonetta didn't run great on PS3 anyway).

Personally I pray for more PS classics from the PS1 to get ported to modern PS consoles like they did with Wild Arms 1 & 2 or Legend of Dragoon.

P_Bomb122d ago

How ‘bout…you get what you get and you don’t get upset?

smashman98122d ago

The gamer gods have demanded a sacrifice....

A measley 500 dollars in exchange for a neverending stream of quality AAA goodness shoveled into your blasphemous mouths.

Feed at the trough of life you ungrateful swine.

DeusFever121d ago

$400 for the digital edition.

JackBNimble121d ago

$400 ? Where exactly can you buy any version new for $400?

jznrpg121d ago

@JackNimble the digital version at stores. They are slightly harder to get because they sell more disc versions but they are out there and able to be bought

JackBNimble120d ago

Digital version in Canada is over$600 + tax. Didn't sony raise the price in USA as well?

XiNatsuDragnel122d ago

Playstation is console, PC 2nd as it should be imo.