PlayStation (PSX) in 2023 - Five Things I Wish I'd Known Going Retro

"There's a lot to explore at the beginning of Sony's ascendancy but here's a few things I wish I'd known getting into PlayStation (PSX) in 2023."

- Vinny Fanneran, TechStomper

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BrainSyphoned125d ago

Well that was a terrible read.
Did you know that at one time we
No Analog Sticks and digital input was how you played games
Bad Framrate
And that 30 year old tech might not function like new?
Tech sites this clueless about tech remind me of thegamer sites that don't know anything about games.

gold_drake125d ago

yeh it was def a terrible read like "oh myyy god like can u believe this was oncea console? like, i grew up with smartphones"

stupid as hell haha.

gold_drake125d ago

this reads like a spoiled 15 year old wrote it.

jznrpg125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

I still have a Sony 36” Trinitron CRT for all of my retro games.
It weighs a billion pounds and I’m convinced it will work until the end of time.

I love old games and most of these aren’t issues to me.

If you don’t rest your controllers stick side down and don’t push so hard on them you can keep controllers working for a very long time. I have my originals from PS1 to now and they all work fine. I have replaced rechargeable batteries for some over time but that’s all I have done for them.

If you are buying used stuff that is luck of the draw obviously.

Tankbusta40125d ago

I am currently playing through Skies of Arcadia on Dreamcast for the first time in decades and while it took some time getting used to...playing older games isn't that difficult

jznrpg118d ago

Great game. Still have my Dreamcast with the guns too !

anast125d ago

Older games didn't beg for money every time I played. Imagine a billionaire begging on the street because they need to repaint their Yacht , this is what Mts are like in current games.


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