Alan Wake 2 Launches in October, According to Alan's Voice Actor

Remedy might be targeting an October launch for Alan Wake 2, according to Alan Wake voice actor Matthew Porretta.

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RaidenBlack135d ago

Next-gen only Northlight engine will look jaw-dropping, no doubt....

sushimama134d ago

So I guess we're totally going to see this at the Summer Games Fest. Good shit.

GhostScholar134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I think it gets shown at Sony or Xbox showcase rather than summer gamesfest. I hope so anyway. I’m not a fan of Keighley at all. So I’m rooting against him having it.

HyperMoused134d ago

The first one was unreal, a lot of it was the mystery surrounding what was happening though, hoping they nail the second, would ove a proper sequal

P_Bomb134d ago

Time to fire up the ol’ flashlight

DarXyde134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

And for the super enthusiasts.... The fleshlights.

Don't @ me, I don't live here.

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Alan Wake 2 Interview With Remedy - Crafting a New Nightmare

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jznrpg2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I want to play Alan Wake but I’m not buying another digital only game this year. I still haven’t bought Baldurs Gate 3 but if do buy a digital only game that will be the one but I’m still holding out as I have tons of games to play and don’t like buying digital only. I hate this practice and don’t want to support it. I understand small indie games sometimes being digital only but those are rare too. But these bigger games can easily get someone to print them 100k or more copies and they will all sell.

gold_drake2d ago

yh im holding off on Alan wake too.

the digital only is stupid as hell. there is no way that the physical media costs them so much.

Profchaos20h ago

I think I read it's like $8 or something Sony charges for the disc and publish in fee which is Inline with ms and switch costs more with the 16gb cart which replaces the 8gb model being a little more than the PS4 disc but higher 32gb capacity is right up there as such also the reason why publishers release huge patched on day 1 for switch

Agent757h ago

Wake 2 does looking boring. But when someone has been playing games for not far off 40 years, that's expected. It's a pick up later game.


Alan Wake 2 Won’t Have a Performance Mode on Xbox Series S

The survival horror title's 60 FPS mode will only be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, Remedy Entertainment has confirmed.

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Jin_Sakai1d 7h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )

Guess the majority of Xbox players will be stuck with 30fps then.

darthv721d 4h ago

Having a perf mode is certainly a nice option, but I believe the devs said its supposed to be a 30fps game. And given that there are plenty of games on S without a perf mode... it doesnt seem to phase anyone who plays them.

TQQ1d 3h ago

I bet the resolution and settings are higher on performance PS5 than 30 FPS Series S.

You're really reaching trying to pass this off as a good thing.

Jin_Sakai1d 2h ago

The majority of Xbox gamers playing the inferior version at half the frame rate isn’t a good thing. Stop the damage control.

EvertonFC18h ago

That's because Xbox gamers are approx 90% casuals.

Barlos14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

I always think that when devs say they design a game around 30fps it almost sounds like a bit of a cop out. Surely 60fps should absolutely be the target these days. It's 2023, not 2007. Just sounds like they don't want to spend the time to get it running at 60, even if that meant a lower resolution.

wiz71917h ago

@TQQ what’s really dumb is ppl complaining that a $250 console not having the same setting as two $499 consoles .. I’m guessing ppl forgot that the Series X exist , lol I’m pretty sure if the ppl with a Series S cared about graphics’s they wouldn’t have bought a Series S to begin with .. or they could of easily traded the S for a X if it was that important. I guess common sense isn’t to common these days , using the dumb logic you’re using I’m guessing the Series X and PS5 versions are inferior to PC. Your still going to enjoy what ever version your playing won’t you though.

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1Victor1d 4h ago

It would be foolish to expect anything less 🤦🏿

thesoftware7301d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )


Lol you sound so geeky.

thesoftware7301d 1h ago (Edited 1d 1h ago )

I noticed you are championing this narrative

"Majority of Xbox gamers own a SS."

You know most people who give a shit about your geek wars are on these types of messages boards right? And most likely have a S/X if they own an Xbox right?. Like me😁, I own a SX and and SS.

The majority of console players don't give two flying shits about the FPS and the dumb shit we debate about. So while you seem to be teasing, you are teasing the wrong people...go outside in RL, stand in front of a GameStop, wait for someone to buy an SS, then when they walk out.....say

"Na na na na, you can only play your game at 30fps", oh and don't forget to stick your tongue out at them.

thornside19h ago

You sound like a salty cry baby,

EvertonFC18h ago

Imagine playing the Series S for the next 4/5 years 🤭 says it all really, gamers but not gamers just casuals who like MT, f2p and GaaS and early access games.