Jedi: Survivor's Great, But Time For Another Star Wars Multiplayer Game

DualShockers writes "Star Wars has had its fun with the single-player stuff, now it's time to head back to the battlefield."

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LostPotato132d ago

Nope it's time for an another actual SP RPG like KOTOR.

RpgSama132d ago

YES PLEASE!! A full-scale western or dare I say Jrpg in the Star Wars Universe would be amazing.

shinoff2183132d ago

I'd be down with a starters jrpg. Could be pretty dope. Or even an xcom style.

SullysCigar132d ago

We only got Squadrons fairly recently. Speaking of which, where's my damn PSVR2 patch??

LG_Fox_Brazil132d ago

I would love a 4 player squad co-op Star Wars game starring Clone Force 99, a.k.a. the Bad Batch. Each player with a role and set during the Clone Wars or after it doing bounties for Cid. Would buy copies for me and my friend as well, I love that concept

hotnickles132d ago

Nah, don’t let EA see this.

anast132d ago

An RPG with a complex decision tree. There are already a bunch of Star Wars MP games and they all suck, and a new one will suck too.

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phoenixwing4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Still waiting for jedi survivor to be patched up enough. Seems I'm destined to wait for it to be dirt cheap.

MehmetAlperTR4d ago

Please no more jump jump jump shit..


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Aussieguy58d ago

Because so many crazy people spend a crap load of money on Fifa Ultimate team