Mortal Kombat 1 PC Requirements Are Out Now On Steam

Steam has released the system requirements for Mortal Kombat 1, and you will only need 8 GB of RAM to play the game on recommended graphics.

Vits134d ago

I'm interested in knowing exactly what the "recommended settings" will entail. Because these requirements are very similar to the brute power of the PS5. So comparing the two would give an idea of well optimized this game is.

SinisterMister133d ago

Fighting games don't require too much of a beefed-up PC, right?

Vits133d ago

Most games should not require a beefed-up PC. They should require specs close to the lead development platform. That is why it's interesting to see a game that does actually ask for exactly that but without the actual definition of "recommended" we can't know for sure if it's well-optimized or if the developer just assumed that everyone will be playing on 720p/low.

shadowfax33133d ago

The PS5/XSX graphics are more powerful than GTX 1080 Ti...im actually surprised how minimum it needs to run on recommended settings.

Vits133d ago

You are overestimating the console's GPUs.

If we go by theoretical values we also need to keep with the same architecture. So the PS5 equivalent GPU would be the RX 6600 XT and the XSX would be the RX 6700. With the first being in the ~10% of the RX 5700 XT that is being required on PC.

If we go by actual real-world performance. Digital Foundry has stated many times that the RTX 2060 Super or the RTX 2070 are the closest approximation to the PS5. And they also fit nicely in the GTX 1080 Ti +/-10% ballpark.

Number1TailzFan133d ago

You don't really want to play a game with a computer that only just meets minimum requirements as it will usually run kind of crap anyways, you want either midway to recommended or ideally above recommended, especially if you have a high hz display running at 1440p or 4k.

Giblet_Head133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

I haven't taken recommended settings seriously in over a decade. I have my suspicions, especially games having deals between AMD and Nvidia, usually they appear nowadays to push new hardware you potentially don't even need to run the game well. This doesn't apply to all of course, mainly AAA. I've seen a few games post-release where the recommended settings per benchmarking tests were just overkill.


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