Tears of the Kingdom Feels A Lot More Gated Than BOTW Ever Did

Tears of the Kingdom lets you go wherever you want, but there's a certain order you're meant to do things.

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--Onilink--135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Mmmm what? I’ve already been wandering around all over Hyrule, the sky islands and the depths for dozens of hours with absolutely nothing gating me in any way since the starting area

You literally only have to do the first 2 quests once you land to get the glider and its all up to you from there

Complaining about getting to areas where you havent started a side quest or arent in the necessary step isnt being “gated”, the fact that you can reach those places naturally in the first place says it all

“If you don’t start these quest chains right away, you’ll waste time exploring places and landmarks that you don’t have access to.”

This is factually incorrect, you can explore any place you want and discover what is in each area before starting these quests.
It took me practically an entire week before I even bothered going to the Rito questline (the only one I’ve done from those 4 story quests) from all the other places I was exploring and sidequests I was doing.

The only gated part in the game is the starting area. And for the glider, again, its just the very first (and quick) story missions once you land, which is weird that they didnt do in a more forced manner to make sure every has it, but that would be ACTUAL gating…like in BotW, so if anything, its less gated

Even the dumb korok upgrades you now once need to find him once and then he will stay in Lookout landing

Becuzisaid134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I didn't read the article but you can tell from the headline that this is absolutely false. Everything you said is proof. The only gateway you have to get through is the tutorial section and the missions to get the paraglider. It is a little longer of a process than in BOTW, but not by much.

Literally spent all weekend finishing uncovering the Hyrule map and Sky Map, found a new traditional Link armor set (won't say where or which in case no one wants spoilers - but it's not like these aren't available in BOTW or by amibo), finished Impa's questline (a breeze once the map is fully unlocked), and then upgraded my stamina (you'll know why once you complete Impa's quest!!!), and then explored Hyrule Castle for secrets. Tons of hours exploring and making progress in any way that I want.

And I've only done the Rito main quest so far. It's about as open as a game can get.

--Onilink--134d ago

And even then, if they forced you to get the glider before leaving lookout landing, then it would be gating. The fact that they dont force you, regardless of how inconvenient it might be to not take it right away, is literally the opposite of gating you, so it makes even less sense that they complain about that haha.

I legitimately regret giving them the view just to be able to properly comment why their article is so dumb hahaha

ZeekQuattro134d ago

The game is open enough that I got the Master Sword and built a 3 story house yet haven't touched a dungeon and barely started the Rito quest line. Been exploring the world of TOTK and rearranging Link's house way too much to be bothered. 😆 I have completed a lot of side missions though. There's quite a bit of them.

Zeldafan64134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I just finished the 4th main dungeon today and definitely plan on shrine farming and exploring more of the depths before beating the game. Haven't even got the Master Sword or the house yet and I haven't even visited Tarrey Town yet.

gleepot134d ago

This hasn't been my experience. At all.

Soy134d ago

I think it's even more open than BotW. There were areas in that you would just get throttled if you went to too early.


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shadowT13d ago

PS5 consoles are flying off shelves!


Tears Of The Kingdom Is The Top-Selling Retail Game In Japan This Year So Far

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the top-selling retail game in Japan this year so far, with Pikmin 4 coming in second.

23d ago

Tears of the Kingdom producer says there won't be any DLC as they feel they've "done all we can do"

Bad news for TOTK fans, as it now appears unlikely we'll get DLC if comments by the game's producer are anything to go by.

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kythlyn27d ago

Was hoping for Master Mode at least...

CDbiggen27d ago

Completely forgot about this game even though I completed it.

GoodGuy0927d ago

There was no way to upgrade the master sword and no master mode...yea, definitely all they could've done lol.

Well, I think it's better they move on with the next game anyways.

lucian22927d ago

I mean all they did was release a big dlc as a game, so ofcourse they are out of ideas

Ashunderfire8627d ago

Yup a big DLC that happens to score very high on metacritic, bu bu bu but Baldur Gate 3 said Hey 👋

FinalFantasyFanatic27d ago

I haven't bought this (although I may soon before holidays), but It is what it is, if it's at least as big as BoTW, then I wouldn't complain. I was happy with the content in that game, I never bought the DLC for BoTW anyway.

CobraKai26d ago

That sounds like every COD game since the OG Modern Warfare

Antnee53427d ago

It was a crime that they sold totk as a new game when it could have been sold as a 30-40 dollar dlc and is definitely not a 70 dollar full blown game

Kneetos26d ago

Everyone on here claiming it's nothing but DLC because it reuses the same map to make a new game out of it, but they will all be rushing to defend spider man 2 when it does the same thing