Here Are All the Trailers & Reveals of Netease Connect 2023

Netease hosted its Netease Connect livestream, showcasing plenty of games in its upcoming lineup, alongside existing games getting updates.

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masterfox430d ago

gaming going down the drain, so many games in development and nothing stands out imo, give me back my mouse scrolling-down time lol.

darklaw428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

What the efff? who are these people, and why are they building up a teaser video that shows literally nothing! lol too funny


Best ways to get peppercorn in Once Human

How to get peppercorn in Once Human, featuring buying seeds, looting seeds from storage chests, and why you need it.

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Players had a lot of suggestions on how to fix the Prime Wars in Once Human. They share what needs to change to make the game enjoyable.


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