Redfall Has A Framework Of A Solid Game But Fails To Connect- Skewed 'n Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a negative to mixed review for the maligned game. They noted multiple issues with the game but said that elements were fun and that there is a shell of a decent game in the mix if the game is given enough patches and updates.

SullysCigar136d ago

These are the kind of reviews I can appreciate. You can tell they're not gunning for the game. They're not jumping on the bandwagon. It's approached with an open mind and given a fair appraisal, paying no mind to the earlier reviews.

Ultimately, a bad game is a bad game. What's bonkers is this score is actually marginally HIGHER than the aggregate score on N4G from 76 reviews.

Garethvk136d ago

Thank you. I tried to give it a chance but at least it did keep me coming back to complete it.

porkChop136d ago

Agreed. The game has some cool ideas and the world, atmosphere, and lore are really interesting. I go back and play it a little bit every other night, but it's still a very flawed and unfinished game. Let's hope this ends up more like NMS or Sea of Thieves rather than another Anthem.

Garethvk136d ago

So true. I worry they are just going to cut bait and run. Many reviewers were not given review code I heard after the very negative early reviews so I am not sure they will want to invest resources in fixing or expanding the game.

onisama136d ago

Told ya every 2 days we get:
1. Starfield is xbox last chance
2. Redfall reciew

Its a very specific scheduled articles that have a common goal

jznrpg136d ago

MS had put this narrative out there themselves. Halo and Redfall the only supposed to be AAA games released in 2.5 years since launch with a dead period before launch. They created this themselves don’t feel bad for MS expect better.

Garethvk136d ago

I do expect better. I am worried about them owning COD as I happen to like the releases and worry about an end to free maps, rushed releases, and lack of attention to bugs and the game community.

SullysCigar136d ago

You need help if this is what you see. What would your proposed solution be - don't review the crap games, only the good ones? All reviews have to arrive day one, otherwise there's an agenda? Ban opinions entirely?

shinoff2183136d ago


I seen the ban thing yesterday. Like really

Garethvk136d ago

Since it was not on my review schedule I simply played it in spurts and days would pass between sessions. I completed it yesterday and decided to write it up today before our errands.

shinoff2183136d ago

Starfield will be just fine.

Far as the late redfall review. Not every one can get a game day one and review whether money or time

Doomeduk135d ago

1.go in kitchen
2. Find the tin foil
3. Wrap around head
Even good ol'' Phil says it's shite and he pretty much put the final nail in the coffin by his attitude towards it but you carry on
I suppose when you are used to eating the same crap day in day out the old turd with a bit of carrot in it technically it makes it better the the last turd

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Weallgame136d ago

Nope framework is horrible best thing to do is firget they launched it and move on fast

Garethvk136d ago

It is fun in places but the bugs and issues hamper it.

shinoff2183136d ago

Don't most bad games. The way this is worded it's like still trying to point out yea the game sucks but but but

Garethvk136d ago

It has many issues but I was still able to find some entertainment in it and with patching and updates it could be closer to the potential but that is not likely to happen.

BrainSyphoned136d ago

The stock photo of a picture frame at Walmart is better content than what is in Redfall's frame.

Garethvk136d ago

I would not say much at Walmart is anything to set as a standard.

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Review - Redfall (Xbox Series S/X) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Leo Faria: "As a whole, this entire game just reeks of “we didn’t care about making it”. Redfall might not be the worst game released in 2023, but I don’t think I have played something more uninspired. It looks dated, its performance is disappointing, its plot is bland, the controls are glitchy, and the entire gameplay loop is the most generic and passion-devoid AAA schtick you could think of. If Arkane clearly wasn’t willing to make this game, then why would any of us should or want to care about it? Not even the fact it’s on Gamepass makes it being worth downloading it and playing for a day or two."

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CappyBlack9d ago

Just leave the dev to concentrate on what they do best - immersive sims. That said, this blunder of a game made most of the key talent jump ship. Sad; being Arkane were easily one of my favorite developers.
I blame Harvey Smith. Any time he is given a production role, he stumbles. Redfall and Deus Ex: Invisible War back when. He's a good creative talent, but he shouldn't be leading a project.

__SteakDeck__9d ago

It’s just like in Sports and Companies. There are people that make great assistant coaches/coordinators but average to bad coaches. There are people that make great VPs but bad Head CEOs.

Doomeduk9d ago

The problem in leaving them to what they do best is having 75% of you capable team leave when they were acquired by MS


Bethesda to keep working on Redfall after Starfield success

Pete Hines has said Bethesda is not a company to "quit or abandon stuff just because it didn't start right" when speaking on Redfall's launch.

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ocelot0729d ago

Oh of course completely believe him. I'm sure the next big update for elder scrolls blades is just around the corner and the promised ps5/series/pc and VR release is so close.

Skate-AK28d ago

I'm still waiting on the Fallout 4 60fps patch. They announced it a long time ago.