Hogwarts Legacy Harvested Over $1.3 Billion Revenue, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO Says

Hogwarts Legacy has generated over $1.3 billion in revenue, as revealed by Warner Bros. Discovery's CEO, David Zaslav.

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sushimama128d ago

That's a lot of activist tears. I really enjoyed this game. The first 15 - 20 hours is a real high point

Rutaprkl128d ago

So glad the game is selling well. Let the special snowflakes cry as much as they like.

SullysCigar128d ago

Good game + melting snowflakes = win win.

Zeref128d ago

It's a "woke" game though 😂

Zeref128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

This game is especially divisive because the game is 100 percent what the far right would call "woke". The game has characters of every letter of the alphabet in it and different ethnicities and races of people.

It's fascinating to see both extremes so confused because the far right is playing and enjoying a "woke" game they would otherwise boycott,
And the far left is boycotting a "woke" game because the creator of that world is transphobic 😂

tombfan128d ago

Aside from the problem of the original author, I'm so eager to reach an age were people understand that it's normal be whatever it wants, LGBTQ+? normal. We need to move on and accept that everyone in this world is an individual and can think freely without people having to worry if the sexuality or gender of "x" character has an "agenda"

The only thing I see with people bashing the "woke" term is that they are pretty much afraid and insecure with themselves.

CrimsonWing69128d ago

She’s not transphobic. She literally says she has trans friends and believes They have rights, she just feels calling someone who is biologically not a woman takes away from all the struggles and achievements that biological women have went through and still go through and doesn’t want to play make believe.

It’s become a problem with women safe spaces, achievements handed down for women’s day, and female sports.

She has no phobia for trans people. And it’s quite disgusting that a group of people who want people to respect their point-of-view can’t respect a different point-of-view.

I’m glad this game was a massive success. It deserved it on all fronts.

shinoff2183128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

It's really not even that much. Probably a couple hundred people online. The game was going to sell no matter what it wasn't like some anti woke campaign catapulted the sales to 1.3 billion.

Also before any bs I think the it anti woke and woke crowd are equally annoying. I bought the game and played it for a good chunk of time. Slowly lost interest. It's a back burner game for me that I'll get back to. I'd much rather play a jrpg or a game like shadowrun , xcom.


Thats a really good point.

-Foxtrot128d ago

Yeah so much for the boycott

What these people don't realise is that JK would make revenue from licencing even on something small like a Harry Potter themed lunchbox or a pencil case that kids would use, she is never not going to stop getting money from HP no matter what people do so it's pointless.

Just let people enjoy the game

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Duke19128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

This game started strong but got boring and repetitive fast beyond the first 20 hours.

I’m struggling to finish it at this point. Hoping the second area of the map introduces some new enemies or something

shinoff2183128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

That's how I feel duke19. I was so hyped for the game but it fell off a cliff. When I struggle to enjoy a game it's time to move on. Someday I'll be back. I did it with gta4 I was so disappointed with it. How we had gta san Andreas the gta4 doesn't come close, in terms of what it offers etc. Believe what you want about story in either gta but San Andreas was better overall gameplay and things to do. Story to imo. Sh anyway I went back to gta4 well after release and actually enjoyed it

leahcim128d ago

It is a masterpiece, really try it.

Zeref128d ago

I wouldn't say master piece but it's really good

Lexreborn2128d ago

I need to finish this, it’s fun but to much tutorial/hand holding in the first 20 hours

Demetrius127d ago

One of my most favorite games of all time now the mysterious wizard nostalgic type vibe it gives is well crafted, made me watch Harry Potter for the first time the first movie is so good I’m on the 2nd one and it’s good so far too 🔥

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phoenixwing21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

might be the sale

MrNinosan21d ago

Well deserved.
It is a great game.

If it wasn't for Final Fantasy XVI, Tears of the Kingdom and Baldurs Gate 3, it would have a chance on GOTY against RE4 Remake, Starfield and probably Spider-Man 2.

senorfartcushion21d ago

It's alright. It's one of the only games I've not heard of anyone doing the side content. It's a bit overrated imo. The story is not what th Devs described too. Older interviews spoke of a story that changed with your decisions. The release game didn't have any of that.

The graphics are good though.

andy8521d ago

I did, but I got the platinum. And some things did change depending on your decisions. But it was quite minimal. Mostly characters appearing in the ending

sagapo21d ago

I liked it. Nice graphics, story and quests were ok. It just lacked some depth to build your character imo.

MrNinosan21d ago

Why wouldn't people do sidequests? 🤔

I did them all before grabbing the Platinum.
I'm not even a Potter fan, but enjoyed the game from beginning til end.

boing121d ago

They hit the jackpot with this game.