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Neil writes, "What begins as a charming, simple puzzler grows and evolves into something special. Humanity is one of the best puzzle games I've played in quite some time."

Knushwood Butt131d ago

It really is something special, and with community created content, the opportunities are endless.

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SullysCigar131d ago

This is now in my 'zone out and game' zen list of PSVR2 go-to games, along with Rez Infinite, Tetris Effect, Thumper and the like. There's something cool about thinking deeply and reacting quickly, but in a subconscious, autonomous state. You hit that moment where you're not quite sure if you're gaming or tripping, but either way it's welcome!


Humanity (PS5) Review | VGChartz

VGChartz's Lee Mehr: "It's hard to think of another puzzler that zigs and zags so wildly from where it begins. At times, it seems more adequate to consider this an "everything" game; more impressively, how tha manages to veer towards such different genre alleyways so consistently without feeling misplaced is a feat unto itself. To continually shuffle through so many gimmicks and toss them aside after making a point also belies a special design maturity. Some might not appreciate its inverted design philosophy on the typical puzzle game, but they'd miss out on the well-organized chaos that is Humanity in a nutshell."

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Babadook793d ago

Such an innovative (and weird) concept.

coolbeans93d ago

Indeed. Just the way tha (developer) tackles it is so damn impressive too.


Humanity Review: Strength in Numbers - Ready VR One

If you're considering playing Humanity for the first time, read my Humanity Review to see which expectations to set, and what this game really offers.

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