System Shock vs Returnal: What Makes a Cult Classic?

What is it about cult games that makes them what they are? Is it luck or is there some quality they all share? If there is, perhaps we can identify it and use it to find and predict the classics of the future.

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jznrpg194d ago

Both great games.
System Shock remake seems like it’s been in development forever but I hope it’s made well and doesn’t feel too dated.

I haven’t played it in a long long time it was almost 20 years ago when I was also a PC gamer.

Returnal is also an amazing game. Great fast paced fun and the world , story and atmosphere with top notch gameplay.

Definitely recommend Returnal and if you haven’t played the original System Shock games I’d recommend trying to the remake I have it preordered.

shinoff2183194d ago

I still have to play returnable. I liked their other couple games.

Babadook7194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

“Returnable”. Lol. Sounds like a back handed compliment there. Damn auto uncorrect.

ravens52193d ago

Ye, you should try it though. Great game and I had no intentions at all on returning my Returnal, ever. Still have to platinum it.

TheColbertinator193d ago

"Returnable" is the word of the day

Yui_Suzumiya193d ago

Yeah, I've been waiting for the System Shock Remake since 2009 or 2010. Been a hell of a long journey but every time it gets shown it looks better and better. It would have been cool if Warren Spector would have stayed on board and also produced System Shock 3 which did get unfortunately canceled.

193d ago
GhostScholar194d ago

Returnal was very good technically but had it not been a souls like I think it could have been incredible.

Magatsuhi194d ago

Returnal is not a soulslike game.

Chevalier194d ago

How is it like Souls? It's a 3rd person rogue like game. It's different every time you play.

Einhander1971193d ago

It's rouglite still annoying!!

remixx116194d ago

You have no idea what you're talking abour

blackblades194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Right and if it didn't have the elements its has now it maybe be fine but it wouldn't be returnal as we know it and like. Like if someone know a game is gonna be a souls lite or rogue lite and dont like those games then why bother getting it and coming on the internet with the negativity of it it shouldn't been those types of games.

ravens52193d ago

Lmao you definitely didn't play it lmao

Einhander1971193d ago

Totally agree that's what killed it for me. Unfortunately I can't spend hours on a game i have a life as well. Going back to square one every death pissed me off to be honest. Give me your down votes I don't give a shit, it's my opinion.

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DivineHand125193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

There is fun to be had with Returnal and it is a very challenging game that rewards perfection. I haven't completed it as yet and I would not recommend anyone pay full price for this game.

It is simply not for everyone especially when there are plenty of other great PS5 games out there. The problems I have with it is that the story is cryptic and it is a rouge like not a souls game. If you die and don't have any special items in your inventory to give you a second chance, you have to start from the first level. There is no respawning at the last bonfire.

There should be a mode in this game to make it less of a rouge like where you can spawn like the From Software games to make it more accessible instead of losing all your loot and progress.

Not that I am hating on the genre because I enjoyed Risk of rain 2 and Wizard of Legend. What made those games great is that even though they were rouge like, the length of the game is reasonable. Returning feels like a full length game with rouge like elements. A mistake in my opinion.

Chevalier193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I've never played a Rogue Like and don't play all the Souls games and I had an amazing time with this game. I actually managed to beat it too although I did die on the first boss like a couple dozen times so it was definitely a challenge.

My recommendation is early on when Ether cost is low I would us it at the little station thing before you move ok to unlock as many items as possible before the 2nd half of the game because the cost goes up. If you know when to use the items it can literally be the difference between dying or moving forward. Pick the weapon you're most comfortable. Although if you have the Pylon it is a really good weapon on almost every boss and enemy except I think the 4th or 5th boss.

If its still too hard then maybe play Co-op with a friend? It's a little easier when you have a friend who can revive you. Plus having 2 different type of weapons will make it easier as well.

I will say after you get the hang of it it's not too bad. I think I managed to beat 4 of the bosses on a single try. It turned into an absolutely amazing experience.

DivineHand125193d ago

I think or hope I am at the second half of the game as it is now daytime in the first level and the place looks like ruins in the Amazon. I will give the game another try when I feel motivated enough.


Shadowrun 2007 almost had a System Shock-style singleplayer campaign

But Microsoft said no.

XiNatsuDragnel109d ago

I'm not surprised I hope if Microsoft is more open to these things.

anast107d ago

That would have been fun, so they said no.


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