Blizzard Doubles Down On How Losing Most PvE Features In Overwatch 2 Is A Good Thing

Game Director Aaron Keller released a "Director's Take" letter that is just an echo chamber of failure. Blizzard continues to attempt a PR spin on their recent announcement that the PvE Hero Mode in Overwatch 2 is no more.

SullysCigar125d ago

This is a total disgrace. Plain scummy practice and yet this guy has the cheek to try to hoodwink gamers AGAIN using spin and double-speak. Gross.

Snookies12125d ago

"Gross." That's my entire perception of Blizzard lately, lol.

Vits125d ago

But it is a good thing.
It will make the game die faster and that is good. Cause OW 2 is a complete disgrace.

125d ago
LG_Fox_Brazil124d ago

Maybe it's a good thing for all the people in Blizzard who had to read messages and e-mails from players asking about it. I mean, they will have less content to read everyday about this subject

anast124d ago

This is that Blizzard sleaze we've all come to know.

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Overwatch 2 Director Responds to Steam Review Bombing

Overwatch 2’s game director recently responded to the review bombing caused by the Blizzard shooter’s debut on Steam. Though it is not doing well on Steam right now, Overwatch 2 seems optimistic towards its future.

Recently, Overwatch 2 released Season 6: Invasion. This massive update brought the first full, permanent PvE missions to the game, added a new hero, game mode, and maps, and featured Overwatch 2’s debut on Steam. However, the FPS was quickly review bombed by fans, with Overwatch 2 becoming the lowest-ranked game on the platform overnight.

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Stanjara33d ago

Thank God there are still sane people.

LG32d ago

"Despite criticism, Overwatch 2 has more people playing it today than Overwatch 1 ever did."
Because 1 was 40 bucks and 2 is free? Crazy.

Ddavis769032d ago

Out of touch game developer confirmed he’s an out of touch game developer.

-Foxtrot32d ago

It's funny though because people, especially on Twitter, are brown nosing him so much and defending Overwatch 2 in general

Crazy how we've gotten here with this mindset


Overwatch 2's Illari is unique but divisive among players

Overwatch 2's latest addition to the hero roster is getting praise from fans for her unique background story but is divisive in-game.

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DFresh38d ago

Illari is a pretty straight forward hero to use.
The hardest learning curve with this hero is learning when to use the Ultimate Ability.
I'm really enjoying Season 6.