Dead by Daylight Celebrates Anniversary with New Single Player Interactive Story Game and PvE Game

Dead by Daylight has celebrated its 8th anniversary with several additions for the game, including cosmetics and more info on Nicolas Cage.

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Sonyslave3128d ago

Yo supermassive making a dbd game omg 🥳🥳🥳

anast127d ago

I will actually play this.

jznrpg126d ago

SP and PVE sounds interesting to me


5 Ways Dead By Daylight is Faithfully Adapting Alien

The iconic Alien franchise is making its way to dead By Daylight. Here are five ways the game is authentically bringing it to life.

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Release Date and Details Revealed for the New Dead by Daylight: Alien DLC

Behaviour Interactive finally revealed the promised new details of the upcoming Dead by Daylight: Alien DLC.

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Marcello47d ago

This makes me want Alien Isolation 2 even more now :(


An Alien Isolation VR port is still in need…


Sure, Nic Cage is great, but what does that mean for other DBD survivors?

DBD fans are losing their “shiiiit” over new Nic Cage voice lines, so it’s only right that it marks a new future for Dead by Daylight survivors.

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ReZoN61d ago

Voice lines from Cage are soooooooooooooooo good

Terry_B61d ago

They don't matter anymore now that he is in the game. Hope Cage also makes it into Mortal Kombat

CoNn3rB61d ago

Nick Cage would be a perfect Jonny Cage skin