Sony And The WNBA Announce Partnership

Interesting news. At PlayStation, we believe ‘play has no limits,’ and few cultural spaces have better defined that spirit than women’s sports and especially the WNBA,” said Andrea Perez, Senior Vice President of Brand, Product and Services Marketing at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Garethvk125d ago

It depends as if they did not pay a ton there is growth potential.

RiseNShine124d ago

Please invest your own money if you really believe there's growth potential, but I bet you won't.

Garethvk124d ago

Ignoring your misogynistic comment you may want to consider that Woman's Pro Basketball is big overseas. Sony is likely playing a long game thinking that the game may expand in the U.S. as the college game is growing and ESPN has done more coverage of the WNBA than ever before. Its likely a low risk venture for them.

GamingSinceForever125d ago

Why would your opinion matter in this business decision? Do you work for Sony? 😂

masterfox124d ago

well for a business the general opinion of the general consumer should matter, is just common sense who da hell do you think their income is coming from?lol. I will just stay away from that decision and watch it die slowly or instantly who knows, those are the only two options in the end. :D

frostypants124d ago

Beeeecause it was posted on N4G for discussion?

GamingSinceForever124d ago

It’s a marketing deal. They didn’t say that a video game would come out of it. So exactly why would the consumer have an issue with this. If anything it may lead to more women gamers purchasing a PS5.

So to my original point your opinion doesn’t matter as to how they choose to further market the brand.

CBaoth124d ago

spoken like a true Brittany Griner supporter. We got any other war criminals to trade for a retard who brought a book of THC carts to a foreign country?

Ask Budweiser if their decision to give a transgender their own beer can worked out financially for them? Fox is right on the money raising this question. I love sports but HATE sports games. So this is wasted money to me and many others

JackBNimble124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Because women watch the wnba?
It's a failing sport because even the women don't care about it. Maybe if women supported the sport it might actually make money but no one cares.
Obviously it's the reason their salaries suck.

DarXyde124d ago

Take your meds, CBaoth.

WTF is this?

DefenderOfDoom2124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

This is all about marketing. I remember seeing a lot ads and billboards at soccer , NHL , MLB , NBA games throughout the last 20 years promoting the PlayStation brand . And seems to be working. So this is a good move for the PlayStation brand .

Bobertt124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Most women don't even watch the WNBA. The WNBA is a failed business they have never made profit and are only around because the NBA subsidizes them so women players have a league to go to. They aren't getting any new gamers from advertising at their games. The money would be better spent on making more great games.

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JackBNimble124d ago

Seems more like a virtue signal, why would anyone invest in a loosing industry?
They're not going to sell more ps5's doing this.

jznrpg124d ago

The industry is tightening not loosening unfortunately.

JackBNimble123d ago

Losing not loosing ... autocorrect

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Vengeance1138125d ago

Irrelevant league lol do people really pay money to watch this?

shinoff2183125d ago

I wouldn't say it's irrelevant. Not as big as nfl nba soccer(sorry outside world) , but it's got a pretty big fanbase. I'd say if there's a wnba game baseball game hockey game on TV and I have to watch one. I'm watching wnba the other 2 bore me to death

Garethvk125d ago

It has a fanbase. It may not be huge but it is there and Ladies Basketball is big overseas.

DogJosha125d ago

It loses money every year and requires the NBA to pay for its existence. It really is irrelevant. Maybe this will help the WNBA but I doubt it. Most people that play the games probably watch the sports first rather than the game developing interest in the sport.

Anomander124d ago

It's no NWSL. Sony should have went with Soccer..

Angyobangyo124d ago

It's a league that has failed to turn a profit since it's inception and only continues to exist thanks to subsidies for the NBA. That doesn't sound like a relevant league.

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Garethvk125d ago

They must as Sony is not likely to throw money away unless they see potential growth.

blackblades124d ago

Right, they see something also at least they doing something other then only buying publishers and making 10year deals.

RiseNShine124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

These are the guys that created Playstation Move, come on.

shinoff2183125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


Do you have any numbers or anything to show that wnba is as unpopular as you believe. Also baseball and hockey blow hard. That's my opinion. Baseball isn't America's past time any longer theyblost that during the 90s. Hockey just a big eh boring with capital letters.

Vengeance1138125d ago

I was willing to take you atleast a bit seriously until you said baseball and hockey blow hard? Where's your data, where's your numbers?
Do you have any idea how much larger the fanbases are for both the MLB and NHL? WNBA is just about on its knees looking at bankruptcy compared to actual sports leagues.
You'd have to be the 1% or just plain delusional to believe otherwise. Very very few people pay to go watch women play basketball, it just doesn't happen. I have visual proof of that just looking at the stands. Huge portions of seating completely empty. They pull in what a few hundred fans per game ?
There's a very good reason WNBA players will never ever get paid the same as men and that is purely because there is no return on investment. Nobody cares about the league hence they get paid equal to interest levels.
It's not complicated to understand.

RaiderNation125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

The WNBA is subsidized by the NBA. If that were not so,it would have folded years ago. Hardly anyone gives a rat's ass about women's basketball.

shinoff2183125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Baseball and hockey both don't compare to the nfl and nba numbers. That can easily be looked up. I'm aware that MLB and NHL are more popular then wnba. I was actually just wanting to point out that wnba is more popular then you believe.

Then the

Blow hard comment. That's my opinion. I kinda said that in my post. I will say that MLB not having a salary cap is its biggest issue but I still find it boring hockey I've always felt that way about.

With that said I do enjoy all the sports video games

Knushwood Butt125d ago

Hardly anyone gives a rat's ass about women's basketball.

I personally have zero interest in basketball, but what's the difference between men or women playing? Isn't it just get the ball and score?
Surely if you're interested in basketball you'd be interested in this?
I'm interested in motorsport. I don't care if the driver is male or female.