Chrono Odyssey Official Gameplay Trailer

Chrono Odyssey, Next-generation Open-world MMORPG- Explore the breathtaking wilderness of "Setera," where an open-world full of life and constant changes awa...

shinoff2183126d ago

Had me at the name lost me at the mmo

Exvalos125d ago

Don't let that fool you final fantasy 14 is a mmo I'm level 71 and I assure you it has a rich story and 95% of the time I play it solo

Miraak82 125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Man FFxiv lore is so cool , I could spend hours deep diving youtube learinng about it . The patch that comes out tue will let you you solo stormblood Msq dungeons , which now means you can basically solo all the main scenario quests except for some boss trails since Shb and EW already had trusts.. If you know ... you know and for those who don't are just haters lol .Since you're level 71 I assume you just started Shadowbringers , such a good expansion ... good luck and have fun !!!!

125d ago
phoenixwing126d ago

I'll try it but if the mobs don't react to you well like BDO then I'll skip it

raWfodog125d ago

Definitely looks interesting to me. Gives me Monster Hunter vibes.

jznrpg124d ago

Looks interesting. I want to play an MMO but doubt I have time right now


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