RTX 4060 Ti benchmark leaks - '15% faster than 3060Ti'

Worth the upgrade?

anjunadfk136d ago

I hope the RTX 4060 performs well, perfect price for me and may finally be time for an upgrade

seanpitt23136d ago

15% is really not worth it might as well keep the 3060ti and wait for the 50 series cards!

CKLJ24136d ago

u reckon? but the price difference makes a lot of sense to me

StarkR3ality136d ago

If they're charging you more for more performance gen on gen then that's not a good price. They tried doing that with the 20 series cards and they failed. 30 series were so successful because they were giving you more performance for less/the same money.

Tech gets cheaper to make with time, they saw what happened with the 30 series and how scalpers had a field day and tried to charge the scalping price themselves. All that's accomplished is RTX 40 cards on shelves and customers getting AMD cards, Nividia fucked up big time they aren't selling.

anjunadfk136d ago

im running a 5700XT so actually interested


PlayStation Portal battery life: here's how long Sony's PS5 handheld lasts

According to a recent hands-on by CNET, the PlayStation Portal battery life is expected to last between seven to nine hours.

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TQQ3h ago

That's really good actually, better than my phone and my 10' tablet just watching YouTube or Twitch.

gold_drake3h ago

oh wow, i expected it to be way less.

nice, cant wait :)

SwissCheese3h ago

Given this is just a streaming device, that's pretty low compared to my cell. But I guess most gaming sessions are shorter than that.

Profchaos53m ago(Edited 52m ago)

Try streaming games to your mobile phone for that long and see how it goes I think you'll find with a decent screen brightness most phones would only get 3 to 6 hours max.
My fold 3 would only go about 3 hours tbh

Vits2h ago

Pretty similar to the Abxylute, but far lower than the Logitech G-Cloud battery life.

But given Sony's recent track record, it's really good and depending on how the battery is accommodated inside of it we might have another Wii U Gamepad situation where a newer, larger battery can be used.

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Sony Claims It Delisted The KoTOR Remake Trailer Due to Music License Expiring

Sony has attempted to clarify its recent removal of social media posts related to the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake.

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porkChop15h ago

I've never heard of a trailer being delisted due to music licensing.

MrNinosan13h ago

Happens all the time, and even games get de-listed for same reason (GTA, Tony Hawk etc)

Blaze9299h ago

all the time? What other trailers has this happened to? Videos get re-uploaded 100x over, there's no way everyone complies.

bradfh6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

YouTube enforces strict copyright rules. Even PewDiePie, who owns the rights to "B*tch Lasagna," had his video taken down.

bloop2h ago

All depends what licensing rights were agreed upon. If it was timed then they'd have to pull it due to not having rights anymore. Having said that though, it is a little bit bizarre to have a timed agreement on music for a trailer 🤔

porkChop1h ago


Bro, that's when you don't *have* the license to the music. I have never heard of a trailer being taken offline because of a music license expiring. Show me one example where a trailer disappeared specifically due to music licensing.

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mkis00715h ago

I mean if it was canceled they would say it right? What would be the reason to not say it at this point. And if they have as much control as it's claimed, why would they cancel it over just releasing it eventually?