Take-Two says it’s not seeing pushback from players on $70 game pricing

“We’re not seeing a pushback on frontline price,” Zelnick responded (transcribed by VGC). “What we’re seeing is consumers are seeking to limit their spending by going either to the stuff they really, really care about, blockbusters, or to value, and sometimes it could be both. And the good news is, we have a bunch of blockbusters and we have a wonderful catalogue.”

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Kaii128d ago

Probably doesn't account for people changing their spending habits, I'm sure 4-8y ago I bought multiple games per quarter and now it's probably 1 for Q1 and 2 for Q4.

Profchaos128d ago

There also seems to be far less coming into the market compared to previous generations where you might get 4 to 5 high profile games around Christmas now you might only get 2

sadraiden128d ago

They literally account for people changing their spending habits in the article blurb.

CrimsonWing69128d ago

I thought data showed people spending less on games?


Look, I’ll give you push back on the price raising. But wtf am I going to do? Wait another year after a game’s release to play the damn thing? Can’t wait for the inevitable, “Nobody’s complaining about the $100 standard MSRP on games,” quote when that happens.

Vengeance1138128d ago

That is the standard price in Canada. Jedi Survivor standard edition is $89.99 + tax = $103

porkChop128d ago

Bruh Square Enix charges us canucks $93.49 for FF7, $105.64 after tax.

CrimsonWing69128d ago

@Vengeance and @porkChop

It sucks, guys. I feel like this guy’s got his head up his corporate… well, you get the picture. It’s just wild to me that they decided to do this price hike during the pandemic and inflation. And there’s no way in hell it can be justified when Sega literally said it feels iffy about the price hike and Nintendo is picking and choosing games to get the price hike. I want to know exactly what the cost of games are now as opposed to what they were last-gen.

128d ago
darkrider128d ago

We are in 2023 and everything is more expensive. Gamers that want quality gsmes have to pay the price. The problem are games broken, with performance issues, bad quality and asking full price for them. That's the main problem.

The other issue are services an the fake idea that are getting free games with the service. That also got a big price tag, low quality

Crows90128d ago

That makes no sense. Why is it that as we advance in years prices keep going up? That makes no sense and isn't sustainable.

sadraiden128d ago

In the gaming industry, prices haven't been going up really at all. Accounting for inflation, games used to be hundreds of dollars in 80s, and well over $100 in the 90s. Games in 2023 are $70-90 depending on where you live, which is literally the cheapest price AAA games have ever been. Quality on the other hand...

darkrider128d ago

Because making games get much more expensive. Like everything else. A game isn't make by 10 dudes on the basement

Gamble20127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Do you not understand the concept of inflation? Blockbuster games accounting for inflation are WAY cheaper than they were 20 years ago. Now that being said, they’ve made up for it through higher volumes and selling DLC etc. However base game prices, especially for single player experiences like God of War, are indisputably cheaper (adjusted for inflation) than 20-30 years ago.

-Foxtrot128d ago


The issue these days is that these “quality games” end up turning out to be shit or just plain average

So no…why should we pay the price when some don’t deserve it

There was a $100 Redfall edition, let that sink in

darkrider128d ago

Don't pay that's why we get review and trailers

Gamble20127d ago

There were a lot of really awful games 20 years ago selling for 49.99 (which is more expensive adjusted for inflation than 69.99 today). It seems worse because you have gotten older and your tastes are maturing. It is natural.

chobit_A5HL3Y128d ago

i wait for sales before i buy pretty much everything now. i can't remember the last time i bought any full-price games. i've got a decent back-log of games at this point so i'm ok waiting for a few months.

Inverno128d ago

That's cause those who are buying games at that price point are casuals who consume without question. Gaming is too mainstream now, the hardcore have no sway in the shite decisions these companies make. Which is why mtx have gone unchecked for so long. It really makes no difference to those who won't pay that, we'll just keep waiting for price drops.

Crows90128d ago

The hardcore do have a say. They're the guaranteed day 1 spenders for the most part

Inverno128d ago

But the hardcore have pushed back on the 70 dollar price tag. Maybe they cave and buy the one game they really want, but at the end of the day advertisment pulled in enough casuals that don't really care to spend 70. And if the hardcore are entirely to blame on this new standard I have no hope for this industry lol