Mortal Kombat 1 Premium Edition includes Van Damme skin for Johnny Cage

Damme good news

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Tedakin139d ago

It's not a pre-order bonus, it's part of the 1st Kombat Pass and you get it the day the game releases.

Tal169138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

Thanks Tedakin - mistake on my part there. Amended

Ryuha1234h139d ago

My favorite actor growing up in the 90’s.

hotnickles139d ago (Edited 139d ago )

Is it bloodsport where he gets piss drunk and starts dancing in the bar? 😂 he needs that costume NOC SUE COW the white warrior

Knightofelemia139d ago

Wrong movie thats Kick Boxer. Bloodsport is where he swipes the coin from the guys hand.

Knightofelemia139d ago

I like Bloodsport but it's so over played I always thought growing up Kick Boxer was the better movie out of the two


Nok su kow....the white warrior!!!

darthv72139d ago

Would be cool if he is dressed as his SF the movie version of Guile.

Tal169139d ago

Please be Chad from Double Impact

hotnickles139d ago

Double impact damn… Hard target hobo mullet. He had some fun movies I have to watch some these weekend. Kickboxer for sure.

Majin-vegeta139d ago

Recommend.downloading Tubi tv (free app) on phone or console has a lot of his movies


They have aged like fine wine.

Don't forget Lionheart.

hotnickles139d ago

Nice thanks. Yeah lionheart was good too

Tal169138d ago

ahh man, great shout - Hard Target (uncut) is STILL my favourite action movie. Hard Boiled a close second!

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phoenixwing1d 15h ago

If not for bg3 it would have been a crappy September. Starfield isn't that great a game to say it was a best ever. Only bg3 lived up to the hype.

Terry_B1d 15h ago

It had MK1 but...it was not thaaaaaat good.

DefenderOfDoom21d 11h ago

For me personally I was more excited with triple AAA games coming out during the fall back in the PS3 , Xbox 360 generation.

Andy_Dee1d 7h ago

Correction though. Baldurs Gate 3 came out in August on PC, but sure on console September..


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