Mortal Kombat 1 Kombat Pack adds a Street Fighter as Johnny Cage skin

The Mortal Kombat 1 Kombat Pack is bringing legendary Street Fighter star Jean-Claude Van Damme to the PS5 and Xbox fighter to make a serious double impact.

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CrimsonWing69127d ago

JCVD in this game would automatically make it game of the year, hell the game case might actually come to life and open up to do the infamous split kick and land on a split combo.

ElendilsSorrow127d ago

"legendary Street Fighter star"

127d ago
hotnickles126d ago

that clickbait went hard tho. It’s true enough to be “I’m not touching u” annoying.

shinoff2183126d ago

Shame we couldn't go back to the old mk where you played through the game got to unlock stuff. Now its dlc dlc dlc

abstractel126d ago

I imagine there will be plenty to unlock in whatever modes they have. In MK11 you could grind for skins in the "living towers" which I personally enjoyed. There were also skins in the Krypt although I enjoyed that part less. But if you mean characters, yeah, the large fighting games haven't done that since the 90s and early 00's in the arcade days. Though keep in mind, those characters were very basic re-creations of other characters with a couple of different moves in an age where doing that didn't always break the game's combat system because it was so much simpler compared to today.

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As previously mentioned, if this ever falls down to about fifteen bucks, and if NetherRealm never decides to patch it to a decent state (not that I think they can, or can be bothered to), grab it. Laughed at it. Bully it. This is the Deadly Premonition, The Room, Money Plane, “so-atrocious-it’s-absolutely- amazing” event of the decade. I hope they add this specific port to EVO, I hope a cult following is created around it. I am fascinated at how horrendous this thing is."

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