Xbox Debuts PC Games to NVIDIA GeForce NOW Members Beginning Today

We’re thrilled to share that starting today, NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming members in the U.K., the U.S., the European Union and around the world can stream Gears 5, and on May 25 will be able to enjoy fan-favorites Deathloop, Grounded, and Pentiment. This is just the beginning stage of our forward-thinking 10-year partnership with NVIDIA to make PC games from Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda available to their GeForce NOW members.

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masterfox198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

lol MS and their 10 years partnerships , they are giving this partnerships like candy, also NVIDIA GeForce NOW freaking sucks!!, not to mention is cloud gaming but it has ridiculous plan payment options, 60 fps / resolution mostly depends of the internet bandwidth, last year I tried once a free trial just for the heck of it, and is effing slow as funk, to load up a game and once it load it was janky low resolution was a very bad experience, if I was to compare it from some PS5 streamed games, Geforce now is on diapers for this type of gaming.

Rdeal198d ago

your internet must be crap because when i tried it ran perfect, i do agree on the pricing

masterfox198d ago

well at least is 200 up and down, soo.

Sonic1881198d ago

It ran perfect for me too.

Jin_Sakai198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Can’t speak for GeForce Now but I tried Xbox Cloud Gaming on a 1Gbps Fiber connection with 1ms latency and it still wasn’t a smooth experience. I think the backend tech needs massive improvements before game streaming becomes liable. Should it ever.

Class_Viceroy197d ago

Xbox cloud streaming was good at first but seems like it has gone downhill a ton the past year. When Halo first came out I was playing online and doing above average just for perspective. Now I can’t even play Halo online because resolution and smoothness so bad

DarXyde198d ago

News to me. I've heard it was pretty good. Then again, I've never tried it.

Generally not a fan of cloud gaming at all. I tested it on a game that demands precision on PSNow on PS5 (i.e., Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2) and it was pretty damn hard. Mind you, I'm pretty good at that game. It's arguably my proudest platinum trophy from the PS3 era. And I was getting wrecked on the first level. Could be my internet, I don't know.

But either way, my point is that I've never heard anyone complain about GeForce Now beyond game publishers being difficult.

Not calling you a liar, just that this is news to me.

Tacoboto197d ago

Digital Foundry did analysis that found GeForce Now was capable of having lower end-to-end latency than local Xbox Series X play in certain games.

masterfox can't be taken seriously - his posts are always either sucking up to PS or slamming MS. Now it's slamming the most reliable and performant, lowest latency streaming service just because you can play games you bought from a certain publisher.

masterfox197d ago


" Now it's slamming the most reliable and performant, lowest latency streaming service "

most reliable ? haha lol, I was even a beta tester for that thing and it was garbage, years later with a trial decided to try it again and still freaking sucks!, maybe is a port I have to forward who knows, but fudge that Im not tweaking shat to play games, and is not about slamming MS just for the heck of it, is about common sense, Isnt my freaking problem you enjoy your 10/10 Redfall game good for you , those are your standards lol, when MS start doing intelligent things for gaming well I will applaud them, but for now they just sucks simple as that.

Tacoboto197d ago

Lol I'm not wasting a second on Redfall. You're as irrational as you are biased and your posts continue to demonstrate that.

Class_Viceroy197d ago

I love GFN. Play exclusively over wifi and it’s like 90% good experience. Play on PC and Samsung tablet. Yeah every once in a while it’s off buts it’s cloud streaming, to be expected. It’s much better service than Shadow/Xbox/PS.

Also don’t know what you mean by long time to get into games. I’m in every game even with logging in credentials to launchers within 30 seconds. You have to understand it’s doing a full install every time you play so it’s going to take 30-60 seconds. I mean what more you want lol.

Also locked into founders pricing of $25/6 months. Best bang for buck I have. Can’t complain.

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Obscure_Observer198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Great news!

More options for gamers and more money to both NVidia and MS to continue and invest in even more games.

Also, Nintendo gamers can expect to play Xbox games via Cloud rather sooner than later.

Stanjara198d ago

Is this an early April fools ad?

Charlieboy333197d ago

Whatever money MS makes from all these deals ( and ABK should it miraculously go through ) is NOT going to go back into making the big blockbuster AAA games to compete with Sony and Nintendo first party that you are dreaming of. Count on it. They are all going to get the budget and effort that gampass deserves

Asplundh197d ago

How about we wait for more than just one flopped game before we start painting that narrative.


I’m not fan of cloud gaming but only a hater would have a problem with there being more options available for more people to play games.

Eonjay198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

No one is against more options. The option for Activision to put its games on Nvidias GForce Now exists and is not something that becomes available only if the are owned by Microsoft.

Claiming that people who are opposed.to the deal are opposed to more options is a red herring.

It's.not what anyone is claiming. It's Microsoft's side attempts to paint the discourse and ignore opposing views without acknowledging them.

It's just PR. Everything is misdirection. Nothing is honest.

thesoftware730198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

What an asinine point, A/B wasn't offering their games to cloud services, Nintendo, Geforce, or PS+, MS is the one pushing the cloud. The 10 year deal is a MS thing, so the 'More options' wouldn't exist without MS investing and promoting it, they are the forerunner of the deal, if A/B deal fails they they still have the contracts to bring MS games to these platforms, A/B will not and never said they would do that, it's all MS.

It's so preposterous to attempt to cut them out of the good point of what they are doing to be a hater. Once again it's a MS deal, not an A/B deal, the first game is Gears 5, and the other announced games are MS games...no matter the reason it's a MS situation, deal, and contract through and through.

More options are good, but not if MS is providing the more options? Do you see how that sounds?

onisama198d ago

MS is leading the cloud gaming poeple seem to not want MS to be the lead or push the industry forward in that regard just because their fav brand isnt the one leading that direction! And complaining MS is giving 10 years deals! 10 years is too long in technology time frame and poeple that really want to make a name for themselves and ready to invest can benefit, its not up to MS to make other companies have success, its business god dam* it

343_Guilty_Spark197d ago

When did Activision actively decide to put all their games on multiple cloud services?

StarkR3ality197d ago

Say what you want about their games, Xbox are deadly serious on being EVERYWHERE.

Charlieboy333197d ago

Yeah, bringing crap to EVERYWHERE. Wanting to push a service to everyone with no quality unique content is laughable.

rlow1197d ago

Who’s pushing? You can stream, play local, download. Plus you can stream to multiple devices.

If anyone’s pushing crap it you.

thesoftware730197d ago (Edited 197d ago )


"no quality unique content is laughable."

That is so disrespectful to the 100s of 3rd party games on GP, almost every major and Minor 3rd party has or had a game on the service, and to say no Halo, Gears, Forza, AoE, Hi-Fi, all Bethesda games, and tons of EA games is "no quality unique" is definitely you being disingenuous..smh brother, not liking a company or service is one thing, but try to articulate better arguments, rather than giant nonsensical broad stroke lies.

Charlieboy333197d ago

Halo, Gears, Forza - way to go listing the longest running joke in Xbox history. Also, Halo? Turned to crap. Gears ( used to be "of War' ) ? Diluted and crap just like the new name. Forza? The ONLY one with a semblance of quality still. Age of Empires, Hi-Fi Rush ? Hold me back, wow! Bethesda games like Redfall? Maybe Starfield but I'm not holding my breath. Elder Scrolls in 5-6 years and Fallout another 5-6 years after? Are you sure you will still even be alive then?

jznrpg195d ago (Edited 195d ago )

Xbox future is a streaming service and Xbox fans will love it because they don’t care what MS delivers to them


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