First look at new images and UI of the Access controller for PS5

Official name for Project Leonardo revealed alongside new product details.

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SullysCigar126d ago

Awesome to see Sony providing options for more people to play. I effed my hand up pretty badly 5-6 months ago with a messy boxer's fracture. Gaming wasn't an option and that SUCKED, because neither were many other pastimes. This would have seen me through recovery.

Others don't have recovery to look forward to for the issues they endure, so this kind of thing - and the various sight and sound-based options Sony often include in their games - is a must.

1Victor126d ago

Looks good and with a lot of accessibility configurations for all 4 directions to set up the joystick

gold_drake126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

im glad Sony is making stuff like this.
one of my mates lost his left hand due to being a Soldier.

this will definitely make it easier. for alot of people

isarai126d ago

I still cannot figure out how this is used, like I just want to see someone use it cause it confuses me lol


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