Sony Bosses Discuss Increasing PS5 & PC Active Users, Super Mario, Expansion in India & More

Today Sony hosted its annual Corporate Strategy Meeting, and its executives provided more details about the plans for the PlayStation business.

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rlow1126d ago

So now Sony is really going after the pc crowd? Amazing how competition changes things from we “believe in generations” to wanting to increase their PC presence. All they need to do for that to happen, is to make sure the ports are solid and they’ll have no problem increasing their fan base on pc.

shinoff2183126d ago

Even being crossgen God of War and forbidden west looked amazing and between the competition atleast they were putting new games out. Be realistic. As we can tell from sales they clearly weren't putting out the amount of ps5s they or the public wanted. Your severely limiting yourself by releasing those games on only ps5. Personally it didn't bother me at all. I doubt it hampered the games much if at all. It's not like a couple gens ago when one company went bluray for the medium and the other stuck to DVD. That possibly had a worse effect on that Gen then releasing those two games on ps4 and ps5

CS7126d ago

Y’all still with this “it doesnt hamper the games”

Yes. It does.

The PS4 was designed in 2011-2012. A decade ago! It uses a slow old hard drive.

It absolutely does hold back games. From 2023 onward you would see games that were not possible on HDD hardware.

shinoff2183125d ago (Edited 125d ago )


You know that's bs. I'm certain it helps but I have no doubt the God of War and or horizon that released would've been the same. Anything they did to make it better was already there

What did ms release that was so damn special. To compare I'd take these 2 cross Gen games over anything ms has released this whole generation

Mooppeister126d ago

"Amazing how competition changes things from we “believe in generations” to wanting to increase their PC presence"

You must be from tweeter.

Ratchet and clank rift apart
Demons Souls
Horizon burning shores
Final fantasy 16

"We believe in generations" - Jim Ryan didn't lie, some people just need glasses

goldwyncq126d ago

Except he did. They deliberately delayed announcing that some of their titles like Miles Morales, God of War, GT7, and Horizon 2 were cross-gen and made it appear like they're PS5 exclusives.

CS7126d ago

Ratchet - Yes
Demons Souls - PS3 game
Kena - AA game
Horizon Burning Shores - PS5 dlc, but based off a game that was built to run on PS4
Final Fantasy 16 - Not released yet
Astro - Pack in game

So you have Ratchet and Astro for 2.5 years on the market. Doesn’t sound too much like “Believing in generations” to me.

The biggest releases of the past 2.5 years were cross gen.

I like Sony, but call a spade a spade.

ravens52125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Why does everyone forget one of the best games this generation smh.

meanmallard125d ago


Have you at all considered that plans changed when COVID severely slowed next-gen adoption rates?

Keep in mind not only did the PS5 launch with next gen only games it had a new UI new controller new audio tech and more, I think it's fair to say that the PS5 was BY FAR the most "next-gen" of the two consoles.

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Abracadabra126d ago

PC gamers welcome everybody to the Dark side.
Microsoft is already there... Sony is getting there... Nintendo is still missing.

Vits126d ago

Nintendo is there unofficially and they are very mad about that fact.

EvertonFC126d ago

Be interesting to see how many PC gamers went out and bought a PS5?

Redemption-64126d ago

We believe in generations, was literally Jim talking about features. But I just love it when some people leave out the rest of the paragraph, almost as if they want to push a different narrative, so they intentionally ignore the rest

shinoff2183125d ago

Redemption what's the rest.

Not only do I bot remember but it would be good to show for all those ones that keep saying that

Redemption-64125d ago

This is a direct quote. If you notice, many people who use the We believe in generation quote, always leave out the rest of the quote. Anyway, here you go.

“We have always said that we believe in generations. We believe that when you go to all the trouble of creating a next-gen console, that it should include features and benefits that the previous generation does not include. And that, in our view, people should make games that can make the most of those features.”

crazyCoconuts125d ago

Believing in console generations and increasing PC presence are mutually exclusive goals and in no way contradict each other

S2Killinit125d ago

What does PC have to do with cross gen. Besides we arent talking about these things in a vacuum. We have to compare them to the competition.

Obscure_Observer125d ago

"So now Sony is really going after the pc crowd?"

They let Xbox test the waters first just like they did with Gamepass, then they´ll make a 180 and release Playstation games on PC and create a Gamepass competitor by merging both PS Plus and PS now.

DeusFever125d ago

“Amazing how competition changes things from we ‘believe in generations’ to wanting to increase their PC presence.”

I don’t understand the connection between believing in console generations and increasing PC presence? I do understand going after untapped markets for those sweet, sweet pure profit software sales.

Bobertt125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

If i remember correctly this gen both consoles have architecture that is very similar to PC for devs to save time on developing multi plat games and getting used to developing games on the new consoles. So it's much easier to port games to PC than before so that could be a reason too.

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Stanjara126d ago

I only don't agree with making live service games. Every live service game you make is a single player game that you don't make.

I am caricaturizing, but those work force assigned to live service games are not on a single player project ok.

Eonjay126d ago

Interestingly enough, it turns out that the majority of the new studios they recently bought specialize in live services meaning that their other teams are free to make single players bangers. I think the end result will be more games overall in both categories. I'm not worried. I'm glad they are trying to expand.

126d ago
blackblades126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

If Sony wants more active user base then live service is the way. It dont have to take over just spread them out with different genres as they have said. Look at fortnite and many other games they have theres fans. Hell genshin had over 65mil users. Its the right move just like adopting pc was a right move. Cause people still buying ps5s and whoever still dont wanna budge can still play ps games on PC. I still remember the hate towards Sony about pc look at it now people shut up and moved on ans accepted it. Cloud might be the future not anytime soon

Stanjara126d ago

All you need to do is look at Diablo 4.
Basically, these games will be full priced but designed for seasons and battlepass. I don't want to pay money to grind 10h a day battlepass just to get the skin at the end... that I already payed for.

Oh yes... and increasing PS+ numbers.

We'll see what Sony is cooking on 24th.
My prediction...5 live service games, 10 indies, 7 vr2 games and Spiderman2 at the end.
No mgs3, no Kojima stranding2, no Wolverine, no Silent hill...

I want to be wrong.

Asplundh126d ago

Believe it or not there are people out there that enjoy more than just single player games.

shinoff2183125d ago

And there's plenty out there for them. Not every game needs to have multi-player and such.

Asplundh125d ago

The same can be said about single player, why can't Sony make both?

Thing is Sony has zero big multiplayer exclusives and if Microsoft does aquire ABK, then Sony needs multiplayer games to draw in that crowd. Also these studios that Sony has been buying lately are experienced at making online multiplayer games, not single player, let them do what they know.

Eonjay126d ago

Very encouraged by their Super Mario example. Also, we need to have an open conversation with creators about the dangers of generative AI and how we can protect creators and developers alike from being replaced.

blackblades126d ago

Speaking of Mario, they said they want that character world that can live on for many years as Mario etc. I mean they have it RnC, Astro bots and sack boy, they had but lost spryo and crash though.

I_am_Batman125d ago

For indies in particular, AI tools are actually quite exciting. The games industry as a whole is pretty much limited by manpower anyway, so increasing productivity is absolutely necessary if we want the medium to keep progressing. In the long run, production cost could go down significantly and development cycles might become shorter, at least for what is currently considered a AAA production, but at the same time that'll allow publishers to raise the ceiling again, because increasing budgets and team sizes isn't really a viable way to scale things up anymore. And as I've said the production value for self-funded indies will also go up.

For now at least, AI is more of an assistant, than a replacement. Obviously AI technology will keep progressing, but I feel like the larger risk is that publishers and studios won't understand how to effectively restructure the whole development pipeline to make the most of the technology without simply seeing it as a cheaper workforce. Personally I'm more excited than worried, but it's without a doubt a disruptive technology so it needs to be understood and managed properly.