GTA Publisher Teases "Anticipated New IP" by March 2024 & "Groundbreaking Games" the Following Year

During the company's financial conference call for investors and analysts, Take-Two teased the games coming this year and the next.

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shinoff2183137d ago

Would be pretty dope if gta6 got released real soon
Gta5 was amazing. I didn't participate in the online but I throughly enjoyed the single player.

Eonjay137d ago

I feel like it is coming soon. I think GTA 5 turning 10 would be the perfect BDay for GTA 6. Here's to the next decade.

seanpitt23137d ago

Well expect nearly 2 years of delays when the first trailer drops! That's how rockstar rolls so hopefully we will hear something soon or it's going to be another long ass wait

Rynxie137d ago

A new midnight club better be on that list.

isarai137d ago

I don't even know what to expect from a new R* game these days, their lead writer and founder left as well as many other leads, the obsession with GTA Online, and with all the talks of canceled projects and not knowing how to approach how to approach GTAVI from a narrative point of view. It just sounds like chaos in there. But we'll just have to wait and see

potatoseal137d ago

Yep the ol' chestnut of "narrative that reflects a more modern audience" or something like that. Meaning... NO MORE FUN STUFF. Just bland crap that doesn't offend a single person. This is what I'm truly worried about with GTA6

shinoff2183137d ago

I'm not worried about it at all.

Eonjay137d ago

It was all meta. The new neta is people being offended that they can't offend someone (auto self victims). And if your not in on the joke then it's probably about you. Otherwise nothing has changed.

EazyC137d ago

A huge shame given GTA was based on satirical, often crass humour.

I loved it in GTA IV in particular because it stood in juxtaposition to a very bleak world it was set in

Ashunderfire86137d ago

GTA 6 maybe GTA Woke cause I did read that part, where they don't want to offend people with stuff that are suppose to be just a joke!!!!

shinoff2183137d ago

I know they made huge bank on gta online. Why all the canceled projects.

StrangeDerp137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

@isarai Let's face reality and accept the facts, because it's irrelevant that Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser left rockstar games, because Leslie Benzies left rockstar games in (2016) and it made no difference to GTA Online updates or GTA Online gameplay and Dan Houser left rockstar games in (2020), and Dan Houser ONLY wrote the GTA Story for GTA Single Player, and Dan Houser wasn't a programmer or gameplay designer lol.

Leslie Benzies (Producer) leaving rockstar games in (2016) and Dan Houser (GTA Single Player Story Writer) leaving rockstar games in (2020) isn't going to affect GTA 6 gameplay or GTA 6 Online Multiplayer, because they aren't programmers and they don't create the gameplay design, the GTA world, GTA Online, etc.

if GTA 6 Single Player Story Mode is worse than GTA 5's, who cares ?, because most people will only be playing GTA 6 Online Multiplayer after they have finished GTA 6 Single Player Story Mode anyway, because GTA Single Player Story Mode / Free Roam can only entertain most people for so long, until it becomes boring and repetitive.

There are still millions of people playing GTA Online to this day, and there is probably a lot more people playing GTA Online than GTA 5 Single Player.

Have you seen the trash games that Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser are working on ?, Leslie Benzies is working on a trash game called "Everywhere", and Dan Houser invested in a blockchain games company called "Revolving Games", Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser have seriously embarrassed themselves lol.

Here's the video trailer for Leslie Benzies boring and uninteresting looking game called "Everywhere", and here's the article link about Dan Houser investing in a blockchain games company called "Revolving Games", this is beyond embarrassing for Leslie Benzies and Dan Houser lol.

Everywhere Gamescom Teaser 2022

Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser invests in blockchain games studio, joins its advisory board

isarai137d ago

LMAO you really felt the need to PM this reply to me as well? 🤣

StrangeDerp137d ago

@isarai Don't be MAD or SAD, be GLAD!, and just accept the fact that i silenced you, because it's just simply the way things are, and there is nothing that you can say to change that fact, so would you like some cuddles for your struggles ?

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FallenAngel1984137d ago

What’s it been? Like 12 years since Rockstar released a new IP?

You’d never see that with any other major publisher


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Snookies123h ago

Can't freaking wait! I only have one tiny nitpick from everything I've seen so far. The ground clutter. There is a ton of pop-in going on when moving around with small rocks and foliage. I hope they can touch that up a bit before release. The game itself looks like everything I could have hoped for! I hope there are a ton of different cards to collect, for Queen's Blood.

nommers23m ago

So glad they're bringing a card game to a FF game again

andy8517m ago

Given it's an SSD game now I really hope that's cleaned up closer to release.


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Jin_Sakai3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Good on them doing this at least.

“we’re offering a severance package that includes six months base pay and in the US/Canada/Brazil six months of Epic-paid healthcare. We’re offering to accelerate people’s stock option vesting schedule through the end of 2024 and are giving two additional years from today to exercise the options. In the US we’re also offering to vest any unearned profit sharing from their 401k. And we’ll provide benefits including career transition services and visa support where we can.”

Knightofelemia3d ago

I wonder how much of a bonus the CEO will get after this decision?