GTA5 Has Sold Over 180 Million Units; RDR2 Passes 53 Million as Take-Two has 52 Games in Development

Take-Two announced its financial results for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, on top of an update on sales for Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2. Yet, some games have been internally delayed and canceled.

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masterfox138d ago

lol and no 60 fps patch for next gen consoles. :D

Profchaos138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

There's a next gen version out with performance 60fps, ray tracing and 4 K options.

It was a $10 upgrade at launch but sure how much it is now but I think it did go up

Profchaos137d ago

@ezio yeah in that case I'll shut up I want a next gen version of that to

roadkillers137d ago

Man Reddit is on this too. The game is near 5 years old... it isnt getting a patch.

Soulsborne137d ago

Reddit is on what exactly? Doesnt take anything apecial to count how old the game is and see that there is no patch or next gen upgrade.

blackblades138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

180million units sold is crazy but of course its 3 different generation of consoles etc. 50million is that number you think a exclusive game could reach. Amazes me how 1 system can sell over 100mil consoles and games can't even reach 40 million hell some cant even do 10mil on multiplat

--Onilink--138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

It never ceases to surprise me either. The closest we ever see in terms of consistency outside our a juggernaut like GTA or Minecraft, are some Nintendo games (not all though), but its just hard to understand what are so many people even playing with their consoles for most games to sell “so little” when there are such massive install bases

babadivad137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Call of Duty, Fortnite, Madden, and 2K.

--Onilink--137d ago

CoD is another one, though it can vary a lot from one release to the other, still pretty big number compared against most other games.
I’d say FIFA is a better example than Madden or NBA 2k (which do sell a lot, but not as much as FIFA), just not to that same astronomical level (and if we are separating by levels, Nintendo isnt even close to GTA V or Minecraft anyway)

Fortnite is free, so its not really something I would consider when discussing sales vs install base, regardless of just how much money it makes

EvertonFC138d ago

It's because the actual industry consists of 80% casuals who play nothing but CoD, Fortnite, apex legends, f2p, GaaS games.
I too scratch my head but that's the reality, like Shawn layden said the industry hasn't moved FWD in that regard.

shinoff2183137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

I wouldn't say 80 percent play those types of games. There's plenty of people that buy a system and just end up not having the time. My brother works at the post office puts in mad hours. I was on ps the other day. Seen it showed he hadn't been on in 5 months. I'd consider him casual also. I meant to add he doesn't play those types of games either.

roadkillers137d ago

The attach rate for video games have never been higher. Wasn't PS2 the best selling console of all time? I think the best selling game was GTASA. San Andreas sold under 20 million copies. Now you have games seling 30-50 million copies on the switch. PS1/PS2/PS3 was really purchased to be a cheap multimedia device cd/dvd/blueray

shinoff2183137d ago

The switch is an is a different case. It's selling to 2 fan bases. Console and portable. Those 3ds gamers had nowhere to go.

All my kids had a 3ds and played it alot. I wasn't buying 4 switches , some parents probably did.

shinoff2183137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Shows you the varied taste in what people like. It's kinda why I've always stuck with sony. Variety, especially jrpgs

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-Foxtrot138d ago

Crazy how in the past 10 years Rockstar have only released GTAV and Red Dead Redemption II

If it wasn't for that stupid GTA Online we'd have had more, possibly even Bully 2

Profchaos138d ago

Yeah absolutely insane given their output in the PS2 era

chicken_in_the_corn138d ago

No, we wouldn't. RDR2 was developed by all of Rockstar's studios together.

CS7138d ago

Crazy how both games are beyond what any other studio put out in terms of quality and scale.

Great games take time.

You can’t complain about unfinished, buggy, generic releases. Then also complain when studios take their time to craft masterpieces that is beyond what everyone else is making.

shinoff2183137d ago (Edited 137d ago )


I don't think he was complaining. Just stating

-Foxtrot137d ago

Where did the complaining part come into this?

FallenAngel1984138d ago

How many games is Rockstar working on?

It’s sad to think a major publisher like that probably doesn’t even have 3 games in development, let alone being released every year like every major publisher

Gamerscore2077138d ago

They’re working with Remedy to remake Max Payne 1 & 2.

wiz7191137d ago

@gamerscore I know those remakes are going to be packed with detail .. given how detail heavy both studios are it’s going to be a treat

EazyC138d ago

Their dev cycle has become insanely slow....seriously, as of RDR 2 it literally takes them a decade to make ONE game.

Now, I would argue this leads to games which are simply stunning, so is likely needed. But I wish they could have at least a couple of games in the pipeline at once.

EazyC138d ago

Jesus, just make a Midnight Club already. Not even for the money, just for the beauty of it!

A new Midnight Club with PSVR 2 would send the world crazy imo.

Dandalandan117137d ago

I would love an updated version of MC3
MCLA was great but MC3 was just awesome and a lot of fun