Activision shut down Fan Made Call of Duty project

A fan-made Mod for the Modern Warfare 2 (2009) engine was being developed by a small group of developers has been shut down after receiving a Cease and Desist from Activision.

XiNatsuDragnel130d ago

Dang Activision you guys suck imo.

onisama130d ago

Activision maybe a part of xbox soon
Natsu: you guys suck even if its your property to protect but da*n you phil

XiNatsuDragnel130d ago

Lol it was essentially free and had to buy mw2 research first

onisama129d ago

out of all the PS fanboys, your type is why i dislike PS community

XiNatsuDragnel129d ago

Out of ppl I dislike is blind ppl I wrote my negative comments to all companies Sony ain't spared fam.

onisama129d ago

i see you prasing or defeding sony, while anything xbox your always trolling or just waiting for aanything to make a negative end of the world kinda comment, im already on this site and you won't fool me with being nutral
if PS make games for 80$ tomorrow you will say oh this is business they need to do this to give quality games, same as you did with 70$ raise

XiNatsuDragnel129d ago

Oh trust if they did $80 it's not good regardless fam I would voice that man do you have proof or is this your opinion?

Hypertension140129d ago


I've been on this site for only a couple of months, and I've seen no difference between playstation and xbox fanboys both are guilty of the same thing, just like you did now.

Why did you feel the need to mention Activision maybe part of xbox soon?
Trying too piss off some playstation fanboys?
also enough if the $70 crap, look at how much zelda sold, I dont think people care as its a quality game. Did you complain about the overpriced ssd of the xbox? being forced to buy batteries for every controller, and I bet you own a couple of elite controllers.

vallencer129d ago

The mod was free but they did make an engine change from using mw2 to using mw remastered. Then on top of that they said that since they made everyone buy the original game to play their mod that they were no longer requiring a copy of the game to play sm2. That is probably what brought this on. Shame too cause it was looking good.

XiNatsuDragnel129d ago

Yeah that the moth to a flame situation.

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Torunkz130d ago

Anyone still remember the DBZ Mod for Quake III BidForPower? Same stink, different era.

Retroman129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Probably was Better looking than what Activision could make .

PressPlayBros129d ago

Imagine if they spent the money they spend on litigation and sending lawyers after these people to hire these guys and bring what they're working on over to Activision.


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PunksOnN4G45d ago

The DOG is legit Broken if ur hiding in a room or grass he turns his head even if ur behind a closed door he turns his head and barks letting them know where u at thats PAY TO WIN!!!!!

LucasRuinedChildhood45d ago

I hope all the assholes who buy these get stuck in lobbies with each other. I skipped new COD games for a long time and a short time with MW2 convinced me to go back to on a hiatus.

With the skill-based matchmaking (engagement-based would be more accurate), I imagine this will make the game even more miserable for most players when the matchmaking has decided it's time for a tough lobby.

I played the OG MW2 recently on the Series X and it's disheartening how much more fun it is. I don't even care about the balance issues anymore. lol

PunksOnN4G45d ago

My friends dont play with me anymore i am former pro player and i even streamed on MLG for RX gaming the team i played for... My KD is always high 5-6kd my friends who i went to school with are not good wht so ever so with SBMM kicking in its always putting us in TOP TIER lobbys and they cant hang now they dont even tell me when they getting on LOL

ManMarmalade44d ago

I recently started playing OG MW2 again and I'm having a blast. Feels like I'm in high school again.

fr0sty45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Welcome to COD under MS. It's all downhill from here, they're going to be looking to make that $68B back as fast as possible, at any expense to the player.

StarkR3ality44d ago

The deal hasn't even closed yet you pleb. CoD has been doing stuff like this since the loot boxes in WWII.

Nice try though pal.

TheColbertinator44d ago

Activision has never needed Microsoft or anybody for that matter to act like greedy bastards

PunksOnN4G44d ago

why did my 2nd comment about SBMM get downvited LOL?? Do we have people who Enjoy trash SBMM tbh make sense it caters to LOW KD players and u will never get better playing with the same trahs everyday LOL

andy8545d ago

Probably gonna see more of this BS once the deal is fully done..Gotta recoup that 70B.

Jin_Sakai45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Look at Minecraft. The game hasn’t went anywhere since Microsoft bought them. No 4K, no 120fps, no graphics pack, and no Ray Tracing. Just some new biomes, mobs, and more skins as usual.

Same could be said about Rare. Who knows what will happen to Activision once they’re under Microsoft’s roof. We can all take a good guess though.

PunksOnN4G45d ago

TBH they did update it by accident then they pulled the update down on xsx and xss i remeber the XSX version having ray tracing but the S did not. Then after people seen that it was updated it was removed that same day

peppeaccardo45d ago

No way !!! Nobody wouild think they would monetize on items that weak asses will use to get advantage during multiplayer action !!! I would never think they would do that ... I mean is a free to play game after all ! /S
Wait once M$ will put their greasy hands all over Activizion and you will see what awaits the "lucky" ones who will play this slot machine of a game. Sooooo Lame !