Too big for Steam Deck? Testing The Last of Us Part 1, Hogwarts Legacy and Resident Evil 4

Digital Foundry : Valve's Steam Deck is a very capable handheld, capable of PS4-class visuals in a compact form factor. Packing a 1.6-teraflop GPU, modern quad-core CPU and plenty of memory bandwidth, the Deck can keep pace with a surprising array of current and last-gen software.

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Viljong136d ago

I will be getting the 8.6tflop asus rog ally thats some fine looking native windows11 full pc handheld with asus smart control software. I expect 720p/1080p gaming with mid graphics settings and 60fps with 120hz low latency screen. I will get fast charging 20k+ mah powerbanks x2 so the battery is not a problem and i can use the turbomode always which only work when plugged in. It will also connect to my big screen tv with wireless keyboard and mouse so i can play wow etc from it. And it have full gamepass support with 3months freetime and asus control panel combine all diferent launches and sort games for easy usage. It will get good driver and game support and i hope it performs well for many years. Afterall why not it have new zen4 and rdna3 technology with ryzen amd Z1 extreme chip.

darthv72136d ago

I've been pretty satisfied with the steam deck so far. I don't play the most current gen games as i save those for the PSX5 but it does play the older gen XBO/PS4 games just fine. Even better in most cases. Quantum Break at 60fps is a game changer, same with Ryse: Son of Rome.


Naughty Dog Says Tomorrow's Last of Us Day Stream Won't Have Game or TV News

Will focus on "art, merch, and more".

Naughty Dog has announced it'll be celebrating The Last of Us Day - its annual hat tip to the community - again this year, but has warned fans not to expect any game or TV show news.

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Snookies126d ago

Is that multiplayer EVER going to drop? Like good lord... I love Naughty Dog so much, they're definitely in my top 5, if not top 3 developers. At this point, it's just getting ridiculous though. There's never even been a trailer for it, right? What the heck is going on with that? Just kind of baffled by the lack of info because I was looking forward to that quite a bit before Last of Us 2 even dropped.

-Foxtrot6d ago

Last gen, 2 years after the PS4 released we had Uncharted 4 but we didn't get a new IP from them.

3 years after the PS5 dropped and we've had nothing new from NaughtyDog and still no sign of a new IP just a remake we really didn't need.

The only thing we know is coming is an online focused multiplayer game and while Factions was a great addition to the original TLOU it's not like any of us wanted a full on multiplayer game spin off to take time away from other things. We could have at least had a reveal trailer of their new IP by now by their second team if the focus wasn't so split.

Feels like they care more about the TV show, it's all they ever talk about even with the writers / actors strike going on.

Profchaos5d ago

Goes to show how boring this gen will turn out everyone's talking forever to craft their graphical masterpiece that the generation will be over by the time the next hitters come out

Markusb335d ago

starting to get fairly fed up with all the lack of communication from 1st party. Even when the last of us started its hype was more interesting, showing the ants etc and no one knew what the game was about.
Being totally in the dark is much worse

Obscure_Observer6d ago

"Just kind of baffled by the lack of info because I was looking forward to that quite a bit before Last of Us 2 even dropped."

Looks like the rumors surrounding that game been in development hell are accurate.

GamingSinceForever5d ago

At least they understand when a product isn’t up to snuff.

Profchaos5d ago

Sam's like they had to scrap it and start again after Bungies assessment

crazyCoconuts5d ago

Based on their last update and some reading between the lines, it seemed like the work they had done was deemed as scrappable by the Bungie gods. I mean, factions was always kinda niche and this GaaS religion is probably looking for it to be a mainstream hit.
I'm guessing it's scrapped altogether. Maybe ND reworks it to be more accessible to the masses, but Last of Us doesn't seem to fit into the prototypical 3rd person shooter for the masses mold imo

moomoo3195d ago

Sold a wolf ticket with MP im still annoyed about that… Spent $60 on that game expecting MP to come in a reasonable time frane

S2Killinit5d ago

They are my personal number 1 dev.

I think they will only drip it if and when its ready and up to their standards.

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solideagle5d ago

I don't know how they managed to do 3 uncharted and 1 TLOU on PS3 compared to now...Every Studio needs way more time now. This is a big problem with AAA industry. I think Sony should also have AA studios to make great games on shorter timeline. it could cost 30-40 dollars

SonyStyled5d ago

Uh, they did. They just closed Japan and PixelOpus recently because AA titles didn’t sell. Guerilla Cambridge and BigBig also ring a bell from the last 5 years or so

HansyJ4d ago

How this comment gets downloaded is beyond me. People are useless.

6d ago
Jin_Sakai6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

Insomniac Games are the new flagship PlayStation studio in my eyes. Naughty dog peaked with Uncharted 2. They can’t get a new game out the door or even a multiplayer game for the matter.

crazyCoconuts5d ago

Factions was a setback for sure, as their announcement stated.
I'm sure they're working on something good right now - it's an incredible studio

SyntheticForm5d ago


Insomniac seem blessed with the unique ability to crank out fun, graphically impressive, well-polished games at pace.

That said, I'm really wondering what's going on with Wolverine, which was announced two years ago now.

Eonjay5d ago

I wouldn't expect to hear anything about that until Spiderman is out. There were some updates from team members saying that they have started production of Wolverine now that Spiderman is complete. Given their pace, I wouldn't be surprised if the game is in fact still on track for 2024.

SyntheticForm5d ago


I thought about that as well and you're probably right; we'll probably learn more after SM2. I'm just really excited for Wolverine and my hopes are very high for it.

-Foxtrot5d ago

People can say what they want but the more power Neil got at NaughtyDog the more downhill it’s gotten overall.

Amy, Bruce, the mass exodus of many devs there during TLOU2, long dev times, focus on a multiplayer game, too much focus on a TV show…

Elda5d ago

Agreed. Insomniac don't be messing around.

Yui_Suzumiya5d ago (Edited 5d ago )

The last Insomniac hit was Resistance 3 for me.

Tapani4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

For me it was Crack In Time. I played the PS4 R&C and enjoyed it, but it was a step down in complexity and length. Worse yet, the first 30fps R&C game. Now, the game is great on PS5, and enjoy it over the new one on PC, because it doesn’t stutter.

Loved Up Your Arsenal as well. There’s has not been a better title for a game ever since!

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victorMaje6d ago

At this point my theory is that the talent at ND is in clashes with the heads. All this time & no new announcement or even gameplay of the already announced Factions 2.0 is not normal.

victorMaje5d ago

Might start believing it, but I’m hoping it’s not…